Shandro out: Alberta's new health minister revealed in cabinet shuffle 1

Shandro out: Alberta’s new health minister revealed in cabinet shuffle


Jason Copping is now Alberta's new health minister, while Tyler Shandro is now the province's labour minister.

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  1. Are all these face masks just an algorithm for AI google to learn how to identifiy you with only partial imaging, from all of those monitoring cameras? I guess all hallowed ‘eve should be every day, go full mirrored face shield . Too bad the kids will be badly altered from the experience.

  2. the question I keep asking is how can conservative voters here in Alberta still be pro-conservative after the dumpster fire ucp is more involved in themselves and their self-interests than they are in those who elected them.

    1. @Jeff Anderson ya 5 other choices, case in point Notley was the last premier who actually brought jobs to Alberta that wasn’t oil-related with Amazon,. Kenny took your 1.5 billion tax dollars and lost it hoping trump would win the election. The understatement of there being 5 other parties cant be overstated.

    2. @Brett Thomas it supplied 500 jobs to the private sector that was brokered by the government but the govt has no control over it. Know what your saying before you say it Brett. Public reps govt jobs and private reps anything outside of that. So yes this did indeed grow the economy. Just because the govt broker for Amazon to bring 500 private sector jobs doesn’t make them public….

    3. Notley created approximately 40,000 public sector jobs in four years. Expansion of the public sector does NOT grow the economy. Recycling old money and does not grow the tax base. End of story!!

    4. @Brett Thomas define your public sector jobs Brett.l what kind of jobs were they and were they government jobs because if they weren’t than that’s called private sector job. You clearly don’t know the difference if our calling Amazon jobs public jobs

  3. Copping’s background is in labour relations, corporate management, how is that going to help the health problems we are currently facing? UGH!!!

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