Sharia law: What to know about the Taliban's rule in Afghanistan | USA TODAY 1

Sharia law: What to know about the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan | USA TODAY


What is sharia law? What Taliban rule could mean for the people of Afghanistan
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The Taliban says it will uphold women's rights, under Islamic law. Here's what that means.

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    1. No it’s not. The Quran was composed by Muhammad and Sharia is heavily based on the sayings of Muhammad. It is a consensus of the Islamic schools of jurisprudence, but not all schools agree on all the details or interpretations so it’s not set in stone and fully clear (and most certainly not from some imaginary god). It’s also very backwards and clearly based on 7th century morals and ethics.

      While the rest of the world moves on, Islamic countries that have Sharia are left behind in terms of human rights, education, justice etc. No system is perfect, but Sharia is very far from perfect.

  1. For anyone interested in Sharia and Islamic teachings, check out the channel by David Wood. He goes through many Islamic sources that most people are not aware of.

  2. I have been seething about Dubai and Brunai’s Sharia law. But British and American tourists still go there. Either get angry about the injustice at your favorite vacation spots or admit you don’t care about the injustice at all.

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