Sharon Stone discusses standing up to predatory behavior in Hollywood 1

Sharon Stone discusses standing up to predatory behavior in Hollywood


CNN's Jim Acosta speaks with actress Sharon Stone about standing up to predatory behavior, not only in Hollywood but around the world.
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  1. So true!
    This has/will always happen as long as sick people in position of power can oppress, abuse, control…
    So, so sad that so many of us have had first-hand experience with this

    1. Exactly. I had this happen to me in College with a professor. I stood up to him and it compromised my education.

    2. When people believe corrupt media organizations and call the truth “Conspiracy Theories”.

    1. You didn’t want to talk about her looks, you merely wanted to make a bible type of comment.
      I study sociology and you read like a textbook case delusional narcissist. What about the victims of sexual abuse in the afterlife professing ‘groups’? Do you want to keep treating them as collateral damage?

    1. Bro mira este video me saco las lágrimas xdxd Enserio me entenderá

    2. When victims of pandemics die, they dont really go off to a happyland in the sky, even if you want to apparently pretend that they do.
      Please be safe, be science.

  2. My sister died of covid19 in dec6 2020 my son a truck driver was delivering beds to New York hospitals and it was really bad with covid. So my son end up getting very sick & was in the hospital wit covid19 3 week’s in the hospital& now he has recovered. And does not feel the same he still has shortness of breath. & gets very TIRED i worry about him. It’s really sad. How this virus just took over our lives.

    1. Please let him drink hot water every 10 minutes he can drink at least one cup it can help ..if your outside home is around 20°or 30° let him walk at least 10 to 15 minutes help also

    2. Covid eats your lungs. Just because he’s out of the hospital doesn’t mean he won’t have scar tissue blocking oxygen to his body.

    3. I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope your son will recover his health soon. Hang in there. The road is often long and hard but you will make it through.

    1. However, when sexual abuse victims are often murdered, they dont really go off to a happyland in the sky even if you want to pretend that they do.

  3. Sharon, you look awesome and i can tell you have more humility than prior to your crisis.

  4. Thank you, Sharon Stone, for utilizing your platform to articulate this horrific crime at every level.

  5. Thank you, Tarana Burke, for founding the Me Too Movement. And thank you, Sharon Stone, for your strength and courage.

    1. You call that movie a step forward for women and calling Stone strong. I’m sorry maybe my standards are higher. Angela Merkel is strong, Benazir Bhutto is a strong woman. Showing your private parts is not being strong. Get a life!

  6. They talk about a “me too” moment as if there is only one in the life of a woman. My first job resulted in my getting fired with no references after the president of the company raped me. And that is not the only incident in my own life. That job refused to offer references and not only destroyed me emotionally, but ruined my fledgling career in publishing.

  7. Thank you for using your platform and obvious intelligence to change this issue! The fallout from sexual abuse is a blight on society

  8. Hope she finds the happiness that she deserves both in terms of companionship and spiritually

  9. She’s looking older, but she’s still looking hot. And nothing is hoter than a strong, smart woman.

  10. Well done, Sharon; predatory behavior in Hollywood is analogous to lice and should be checked and prioritized the same way.

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