Sharon Stone On Her Friendship With Dr. Fauci – And Being In Kamala Harris’s Poker Game 1

Sharon Stone On Her Friendship With Dr. Fauci – And Being In Kamala Harris’s Poker Game


Award-winning actress, producer and author Sharon Stone has raised millions as an advocate for HIV/AIDS research. Along with her good friend and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, Stone was honored this year for her leadership in AIDS advocacy work and public health. Stone shares why she’s grateful Fauci made it through the Trump administration and reveals that she’s in Vice President Kamala Harris’s poker game. This is an excerpt from an exclusive, extended interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber.
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    1. All those criminal cases and lawsuits piling up on Trump has got you all in a tizzy, huh?
      It shows:)

    1. yeah I know that’s why I’m team trump only the best people criminals felons jail birds wow man daa best

    1. @Equality For All gotta let them know,,, who else will?, their unhinged klan?, I think not….

    2. @Equality For All what profound meaning to your statement do you think went right over my head???

  1. Sharon is an amazing intellectual brainiac, (MENSA) naturally beautiful for her age ( no plastic surgery), and a strong woman with a big heart! Definitely one of my idols! Thanks Ari for this wonderful interview

  2. Remains of 215 children found at former residential school in British Columbia.

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    1. As opposed to the 45 administration with lots of lying criminals and no honest law abiding people?

  3. Being friends with a Public Health offical that lied to the American Public is nothing I would want to go on TV and brag about

    1. @Mr. Nobody the effectiveness of Mask wearing early in the pandemic. When called out on it later he admitted he didn’t want panic buying because they needed the supply for 1st responders. He could of told people to make their own instead he lied and told the public we didn’t need them

  4. Ari was 12 when Basic Instinct came out. I’d wager his VHS copy gets fuzzy around a certain scene from all the replays…..

  5. Silicon Valley giants such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have appointed themselves the arbiters of truth on controversial matters that warrant wide debate. Recent events related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its origins ought to be enough to revoke Big Tech’s authority to limit free speech under the guise of combating “disinformation.”

  6. Social media was supposed to be a digital public square. These companies want to be regarded as private entities while acting like public utilities that have close proximity to power and its benefits and privileges — including the ability to dictate policy. In reality, they’re self-serving, agenda-pushing, anti-democratic enemies of open debate.

  7. Sharon, you should invite Dr Fauci to that poker game 🙂 Though play with beans or sunflower seeds or something instead of cash, because he’s too honest and would probably tell you what cards he’s holding in a bluff if asked. And don’t make him stay up too late on a school night 🙂

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