Sharpton: At Some Point, Chauvin’s Actions ‘Had To Turn Into Intent’ And ‘Intent Is A Criminal Act’

Sharpton: At Some Point, Chauvin’s Actions ‘Had To Turn Into Intent’ And ‘Intent Is A Criminal Act’ 1


  1. I was a pretty good distance runner back in the day my pr for 2 miles was 8 minutes and 47 seconds. Come on man!

  2. The murderer and his accomplices lawyers will try to blame Police training, the bystanders and worse George Floyd himself. Rest in peace George Floyd and all those who have died at the hands of racist and ignorant police.

  3. The way whyt America felt about the oj verdict is how we ✊🏿 feel all the time. And this is another one. 😒 I’m not confident in this excuse of a “Justice” system

    1. @Big Picture Thinking According to the CDC Homicide is the #1 cause of death for Black males ages 1-44. This is a fact never mentioned by the Mass Media, politicians, plaintiff’s attorneys, or race activists.

    2. @President Elect Keith whyts are dying quicker than they can reproduce, whyts aged 18-25 lead the drug arrest, overdose cases, opioid users….you get my point. Whyt males are a majority of suicides, in Montana the suicides double the homicides. All of these factors combined is what will lead to the whyts being a minority in the next 30 years or so.🤔
      Looks to me like you need to focus on cleaning up your own house. Why did you so offended by my comment 🧐

    3. @Big Picture Thinking oh you’re one of those plaebians🧐
      I don’t expect you to be able to add anything of substance.

  4. Notice the ones who call Sharpton a race baiter are the same ones who give Baby Cheesus a pass for getting Asian Americans assaulted or murdered with his actual race baiting. I wonder what the difference is…

  5. A momentary error in judgment can occur but over 8 minutes. We’re not talking a mistaken reaction but rather an intended action.

  6. Common sense says when you but someone in the back of a police car they get taking to the station, not pulled back out of the car an killed. That still has me confused.

  7. Even their own employee thought that what this keystone cop was doing was unbelievably long and unmoving

  8. This was an intentional murder and all of the police watching were in on it as well as the EMTs that stayed back and that then waited intentionally until it was too late before attempting resuscitation efforts.

  9. But can you prove intent? It’s like when Trump had that “perfect” phone call with Ukraine and when he asked Comey for his loyalty. I hope they can.

  10. When the bystander asked him to sit GF up because he couldn’t breathe, and Chauvin looked that man in his eyes, and continued to grind his knee further, hands in his pockets, that was the point of intent. He knew what he was doing. Both Chauvin and the officer who was standing there were totally acting in ego. They both intended to show “Who’s in charge.” This was a public lynching and they all need to go to prison.

  11. I don’t I would have to be actually richer! One million! And my looks! That’ll do it! That’ll do it! I know it will!

  12. Why, the lady that wanted 2 take his pulse,the officer was going 2 hit her with mace,not his gun

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