Sharpton: 'If We Keep Rising Up, We Can Continue On The Long March To Justice, Together' 1

Sharpton: ‘If We Keep Rising Up, We Can Continue On The Long March To Justice, Together’


On this anniversary edition of PoliticsNation, Rev. Al Sharpton looks back on the last seven months with President Joe Biden in office. After Donald Trump lost his presidency, the PoliticsNation team retired its "Memo to Trump" segment, replacing it with "Rise Up", a segment of purpose.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Sharpton: 'If We Keep Rising Up, We Can Continue On The Long March To Justice, Together'


  1. HA! Oh AL. It’s a little depressing that we still love in a world that would employ him. Then again the dems target audience is the youthful and non English speaking.

    1. @INCARNATE Pres. Trump NEVER left an American behind. Never. Yet you still vilify him and honor an administration that has done nothing good for any American. Hmmm… who’s the traitor?

  2. “Sharpton: If we keep rising up, race-baiters like me will continue to profit from this hustle.”

    Now that seems more apt and appropriate.

    1. @Willliam Fish. What ever happened to the two Nigerian Body building brothers that helped Jessie Smollett try to start a race war ? They all should be in prison. Over 30 dead from the George Floyd race War and the Smash and grab crowd destroying and looting… Shameful. All perpetuated by MSNBC and CNN and their Ilk.

    2. @David Cohen Have you been speaking to William H Music?
      You’ve just spewed a bunch on nonsense but claim to love Jesus.? Maybe that explains you’re able to believe fantastical stories.

    3. @Willliam Fish. Remember when the Democrats attacked Trump Supporters for trying to Clean up Baltimore ? Black Lives Matter just made off with $ 90 BILLION DOLLARS and the Democrats have nothing to say……… $90 BILLION> GONE> FOREVER.

    4. @INCARNATE At least Joe biden resumed his vacation. Now he’s back in the basement in Delaware.. Meanwhile Americans are being blocked from leaving the war zone by his state dept.

  3. Like I do not know, Mr. Hyde in plain sight, from fathead to toe, like I don’t know, the master of the bad dream theater.

    1. Al Sharpton has the same cognitive abilities as Joe Biden. Anyone who believed Sharpton’s Big Lie at the time lost all credibility by nature of their gullibility.

    2. @Roni Martel hmm…Sharpton adds zero value to anything. He is is a “political grifter” . Always trying to steal attention from a tragedy….and we are definitely living a governmental tragedy.

  4. The old black guy does own the blue notes of this ball and chain, in the big head game. Copyright copywrong whatever…..the nature of the slow blue note train to New Orleans.

  5. Masters of lies, masters of disguise, dusty road throat, dry spits worth of difference? Politic N poetry, fast tracks to fortunes wheel, what a deal

  6. Big winners big losers, circles, the blue note croaking toad, dusty cross road. The blue notes of that ball and chain, slow train to New Orleans

  7. As Americans remain trapped in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, the border crisis surges, inflation skyrockets, and crime increases, the Vacationer-in-Chief goes…on vacation!

    1. ….whilst MSM distracts from events by screaming “Racist!” at you through an Al Sharpton shaped presenter.

    2. I wonder how they get likes instead of dislikes? Is this the place where angry Joe defenders and Antifa safe spots?

    3. @BRYAN STARS Clever…“safe spot”. I suppose one does need a “breather” from criticism r/t riotous destruction.

    1. Hey are you chking everyone’s taxes…or just the ones you’re trying to smear bc they’re smarter than you….jealous…

    2. @Roni Martel al isn’t smarter. He preys on you people democrats dumb down THIER followers. Just like when they were on the democrats plantations

  8. The 2nd amendment stops police brutality instantly without providing payed vacations we the people will keep calm and keep em chambered regardless of location or occupation..the only thing that matters is who is still breathing at the end of the day…. We the people could have saved George Floyd’s life and put many tyrants in the ground…

  9. Worldwide racism is Sharptons goal. I assure you his empty evil filled rhetoric has contributed to the decline of many persons lives if they bought into it. Teaching and preaching fake racial narratives and blame has made him rich doing so.

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