1. Protecting Americans voting rites is what is going to save America from the onslaught of AntiAmerica hostile entities like Trump, Abbott and DeSanta who seek to overthrow America’s democratic election system and constitutional government

  2. Without Manchin there is no change that will happen.

    And he will not refuse his corporate backers.
    Congrats, America, all those years of “Heeyyyy, we’re the leaders of the world” complacency just left the country ripe for corporations.

    They won.

    1. @John Wilharm ‘the GOP is dying’ is not “the corporations did not win”

      Manchin is, ostensibly, a Democrat party member of Congress but in reality he follows what his corporate donors want.
      They won him and through that they are stopping meaningful progress for policies that would help actual people.

      It would be great if someone could think of something that would change his mind and get him to act in the interests of the electorate but……until then……the corporations have their thumb on power. 😞

    2. Seems to me, the puppet master killing American democracy is our own Supreme Court. Their fateful and terrible decisions over the last 10+ years have had the most influentially negative impact on our country over anything else. These were the biggest 3:

      *2000* – Supreme Court ruling that put its thumb on the scale after the 2000 presidential election. That fateful ruling allowed the results of a free and fair presidential election to be stolen from American voters by an act of a single person on the Supreme Court: Sandra Day O’Connor. She threw her critical swing vote over to the dark side, forever tainting any perceived notion of “integrity” or “impartiality” by the Supreme court, and disproving any claim that it was above partisan politics. This horrific decision was against everything the US Constitution stood for. Had the Florida recount has not been stopped by the Supreme Court, Al Gore would have been our president. And thus, no fake Iraq War costing over 1 Trillion, no hundreds of thousands of innocent lives killed, no epic meltdown of the US economy in 2008, etc, etc.
      *2010* – Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. FEC that corporations had First Amendment political rights to buy ads in all American elections. Thus, US elections have never been the same. The influx of massive amounts of unaccountable “dark money” from PACs and Super PACs began pouring in from corporations pushing their own self interests to bribe lawmakers with campaign contributions into changing laws to favor the own interests above that of the people, and permitted them to gas-light Americans with massive media campaigns designed to confuse and misinform voters to vote against their own best interests.
      *2013* – Supreme Court ruled in Shelby v. Holder to drop key provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, namely section 4. This was a premeditated attack on our democracy intended to benefit the Republican party in future elections. Five years after the ruling, nearly 1,000 U.S. polling places had closed, many of them in predominantly African-American counties. States and jurisdictions that had previously been monitored by government preclearance rapidly enacted laws to cut to early voting, substantially increase purges of voter rolls and impose strict voter ID laws, and many other demographically targeted laws to disadvantage minorities and young urban voters. Virtually all restrictions on voting subsequent to the ruling were enacted by Republicans.

      And very soon, we will witness the Supreme Court finally dismantling the landmark settled law of Roe v. Wade. Mitch McConnell’s evil blocking and stealing of Obama’s SCJ nomination, and the Trump Administrations corrupt capitulation to the federalist society to replace and install their chosen candidates, in exchange for political power, both conspired to set the stage for a severely warped and radicalized Supreme Court bench that will further damage democracy and civil liberties in this country for generations to come, unless something is done about it.

    3. Manchin also cares about his political status on top of the millions the corrupt POS and his family are getting from corporations to do their bidding, so if Biden et al. actually grew the backbone to threaten to sponsor a primary challenger, I think he could be moved to do the right thing for once in his sick life.

      However, Sinema by now has thoroughly tanked her political career and doesn’t seem to care at all, meaning she’s probably already made up her mind to get some cushy industry gig instead of seeking reelection, so I don’t see any possible leverage against her, meaning there’s little hope either way.

    4. @Twincast He will in all likelihood lose his ‘King maker’ significance in the midterms: the Senate numbers would have to stay exactly the same otherwise the Dems will either increase their majority (so he can no longer be bribed to block the administration) or the Dems will lose their majority (and, again, he can’t be ‘the guy we need’ for the administration to pass legislation) .

  3. If the ‘democracy’ will, no longer, work for the people..
    Then the people must, no longer, work for the ‘democracy.’

  4. Meanwhile the same Republican leaders would go to another country and demand the governments to let there people choose who there want to lead example Cuba,Grenada etc

  5. Democrats are getting arrested too protect voting rights & DOJ notes show Trump was trying to steal the 2016 election. GOP are a joke, albeit a bad one.

    1. @Nunya Business I agree totally and they are suppose to be educated and leaders. Sad state of affairs. Peace

    2. @Vera Sanders Please don’t use educated and leaders when referring to these clowns. Uneducated citizens elect uneducated leaders. Stay safe. 😉

    1. Stop counting votes because of water main break. Well i mean a leaking sink in morning is close

  6. So 3 Congresswomen have been arrested, 3 Congresswomen of color. I thought that members of Congress had special privileges in DC, like where they are able to go (the first arrest was a Congresswoman who had rights to enter the Senate floor, yet was arrested for entering the Senate area). I do not like this, at all. If arrests are going to be made for exercising 1st amendment rights, then those arrests need to be consistent and fair, not just carried out against women, especially women of color. What about the white men who are allowed to throw public temper tantrums filled with thinly veiled hate speech?
    I am a middle aged white woman from a small community in Washington State, I do not have much experience regarding the racism that has become more common and blatant since Trump assumed the office of the President, but what I am seeing in DC and across the country is disgusting.

  7. Hmmm, I wonder how many white legislators are getting arrested in the interest of saving voting rights for ALL Americans? It appears it has been left up to black, mainly women voters, yet again, to do the heavy lifting.

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