Sharpton On GOP's 'Sudden Abandonment Of Free Market Principles' 1

Sharpton On GOP’s ‘Sudden Abandonment Of Free Market Principles’


Rev. Al Sharpton speaks out against the sudden abandonment of free market principles by Republicans.

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      1. Fox News| 8 p.m. / Tucker Carlson Tonight: 3,023,000 / 19 telecasts
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  1. Not the GOP anymore, they also abandoned sanity for the Mendacious Malcontent of Mar A Lago to become the GQP.

    1. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle All that proves is right wingers are more apt to watch cable TV news, possibly because they’re generally older. Younger people more often stream or read online news. Posting these stats, only show that you’re unaware that correlation is not the same as causation. Instead of looking at the context for various explanations, you follow your confirmation bias to the assumption that more views= more popular. It also proves you have a facile view of complex policy issues, ie, you believe “popular” must = “better”. For example: Tic Tok is more popular than FOX. It includes videos about political opinions, current events, etc. Does that mean it’s a more reliable source of factual information about politics & economics than FOX? Your username & copypasta indicate you’re a troll, but someone rational & sincere may be interested in identifying logical fallacies like yours, or have something worthy to contribute on the subject. Hope springs eternal.

    2. @H K S social media’s purpose is social programming of the emotionally weak and incapable. It’s an addictive drug and an echo chamber.

    3. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle The wiggles. The PLANETS highest grossing entertainers of all time.
      No wonder your life expectancy is falling, in the 21st century intelligence is more important than how well you can swing a pickax.

    1. @Denise Hall we have been fed a lie that there was a worker surplus and if you complained about long hours, bravery work loads, poor pay or low quality health coverage you could be replaced. Looks like that’s about to change.

  2. No one wants to work anymore because there’s been no raise in the federal minimum wage of $7.25 for 12 YEARS!!
    The $400-600 weekly unemployment Covid benefits show that Congress thinks people make more than they do. Two weeks of $600 is more than I make all month on Social Security after working 50 years.
    Wise up employers…pay a liveable wage and people will come back.

    1. Susie ,I am sorry you got screwed by the system.Being 75 myself I know that many retirees are living very poor and don’t deserve to.

  3. The people who are making $100,000 a year or more should try working a minimum wage job for a month and see how they like it. Although I was shocked to see Amazon workers vote down unionization. Collective bargaining is the only way that lower wage workers are going to improve their lot and join the middle class. “America works best when it works union”.

    1. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle Why would anyone listen to some guy with a fake name. He thinks he has any credibility? Struggles to put a coherent sentence together. Knows some buzzwords. Is that you Donald????

    2. @Colin Connelly illusory superiority complex is common with Marxists, honesty is not.

    3. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle Oddly, the move by the DNC to get people a 40 hour work week that pays enough that they don’t need government assistance disassembles your entire premise.

    4. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle HAHA. book learn didnt get you anywhere did it boy! and your conclusion is its unnecessary? perhaps if you were capable of passing kindy in a first world country you would have some respect for educators but clearly you were sent to school so mummy could spend time with the milkman. As a milkman’s son myself I can say it was a great business (while it lasted). of course I am in fact A *legitimate* son of a milkman so I had a personal computer in 1979 and my own TV and when VCRs came out I also choose wisely and insisted on getting a VHS.

  4. Facts. Thank you, why must we pay taxes why support a government that doesn’t support us. I will support the Constitution but I will not support people in Congress that do not support the people.

  5. The GQP forced out Liz Cheney, who is the literal poster child for conservative values and principles.
    And yet, Marjorie Laser Beam and Matt Gaetz are allowed to be the faces of the GQP.
    Glorious, isn’t it!

    1. Ro G
      Your brain is screwed up. Liz Cheney is a poster child. For RINO’s who will be unemployed their next election. She is no more a Conservative than you are LOL

    2. @Alex Hamilton Oh really? Cheney has voted 93% of the time with the party. While Stefanik has only voted 78% of the time with the party. Cheney just won’t go along with the stupid election was stolen lie.
      But I’m sorry. You were trying to make a point or something.

    3. @Otis Dylan Yeah, I also like the part where in order to be a real republican, you have to worship the worst president in history, twice impeached, who lost them the House, Senate and Oval in just 4 years.

  6. Too much greed by companies agree that inflation is now jacking up prices. Lumber is going sky high! WTF is up? Corporate greed

    1. @Just wait A minute Big money isn’t what they are talking about. They are talking about a decent wage.

  7. So many of these businesses actually made money during the pandemic! If they want workers let them pay for them.

  8. For almost 20 years, I’ve been a gig worker because employers do not want to give health insurance, or pay more than minimum wage. Since 2008, part of any job interview inevitably includes questions that involve my political affiliation, my husband’s union membership, and if we donate to any charity. Now I get asked about my choice to vaccinate my son, and his autism. They seem to believe that there is a correlation. So I suspect that getting COVID-19 vaccination will also be a problem to potential employers too. Currently there are no after-school or summer programs available for autistic children in my area; the basic minimum to get into a daycare program is to hire a nurse to be with my son whilst he would be in an afterschool program. We could barely afford daycare and these places want me to hire an additional nurse to watch him, as well as provide health insurance and workmans comp too. If I can’t get that from an employer, how can I afford to give it to someone else?

    1. Oh my gosh! Your job interviews ask about political affiliations. That is such an invasion of privacy.

  9. I agree, Rev. How do we even live in a world where it is still ok to pay wait staff $3/hr (because they make tips)?

    1. @Yuri Burkel that’s doesn’t happen everywhere/everyday/for everyone. How can you not understand that.

  10. Rev. Sharpton needs to tell that to these governors shutting off the federal unemployment funds!!! They are going to hurt a lot of people!!!

  11. Ronald Reagan started the war on labor when he fired air traffic controllers wanting better working conditions

  12. I agree that wages need to be higher. But small businesses aren’t able to pay that high. It’s just going to make the Amazon, Walmart and chain restaurants put them out of business.
    If Uncle Sam really cared about that, then they would give tax exemptions to small mom and pop businesses so that they can afford to pay higher wages.

  13. If they complain about those who supposedly don’t want to work, they should be treating those who do work and who want to work with dignity and respect, rather than abuse and contempt.

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