Sharpton On Voting Rights: It’s Time ‘To Put Pressure On The Senate’ 1

Sharpton On Voting Rights: It’s Time ‘To Put Pressure On The Senate’


President of the National Action Network Reverend Al Sharpton, advisor to the DCCC Kurt Bardella, and New York Times domestic correspondent Nick Corasaniti on the GOP campaign to roll back access to the polls being aided by the U.S. Supreme Court 
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    1. Eric Klaus – It’s “you’re” and “they’re”, Einstein. I see why you don’t get this. There’s no way to put it any more simply.

      It has NOTHING to do with being stupid. They are less likely to have it snd more likely to vote Democrat. What’s wrong with you?

    2. Easy to vote harder for cheating dems to cheat.. Pretty simple.. get an id and go vote if that’s to hard keep crying..

    3. @CNN MSDNC- HAIR SNIFFER JOE ALL FAKE so show me where any “dem” cheated…. all you have is a lying loser and his pillow man crying about it.

    4. @Eric Klaus But getting an government issued photo ID costs money and there are laws against poll taxes. So the GOP basically said “well too many brown people voted last election- lets change the rules so that doesn’t happen again” — It’s a solution without a problem

  1. What comes next. 2022 will see heavy State restricted vetoing against Black and Colored and the whits will give the GOP the rule in both the Senate and the House all in the name of ………?

  2. Stakeholders MUST prove in Court that the filibuster is unconstitutional; which it is. The Senate can’t be trusted to police themselves. There’s no where on Earth, where the minority rules the majority; except where a gun is put to the head. GOP conservatives and their corporate henchmen, knows that, for example, in business, the minority shareholders must bow to the wishes of the majority.

  3. Two things Republicans fear most
    – the truth and more Americans voting
    They’re doing everything they can to quash both.

    1. Yet you dont mind Democrats using black community stating most are to stupid or lazy to get a ID. I see your morals are in line

    2. You mean the intelligent ones? Ever wonder why nothing makes sense? Lol youre being lied to

  4. Al, pay your millions in back taxes! If it were any one of us regular folks the IRS would have hauled us off to jail!

  5. Hey Sharpton. Why do democrats and liberals struggle with things that literally everyone else can handle with ease?

  6. Keep reminding people some states are allowing their legislatures to replace who oversees the vote counts . There by opening the door wide for fraud . They can throw out any amount of votes to ensure victory for a chosen candidate .

  7. This is what happens when people are appointed to the highest court in the land FOR LIFE

  8. Tawana Brawley is all you ever need to know about the “race hustla in Chief” Al Sharpton. Google it

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