Sharpton Says Biden Was ‘Very Receptive’ In His Meeting With Civil Rights Groups | Deadline | MSNBC

Sharpton Says Biden Was ‘Very Receptive’ In His Meeting With Civil Rights Groups | Deadline | MSNBC 1


    1. Lmfao! Im already laughing and I haven’t even heard the punchline………………………oh! Thats it?! Well, good setup……

    2. Hahahahahaaah….Biden is Schumer and Schiff’s puppet. The only reason you’ll never see them run for President is they’d lose power after 4 years. As it is they have power for a lifetime. DRAIN THE SWAMP.

    3. I believe you are very wrong. Joe Biden has never been President. He has been vice president and right now he is president elect but he is not president.

    4. A seasoned, respectful president-elect does not mean that he’s not corrupted or holds the same political views as his appointees in the politics SO..! you are saying it’s okay for BIDEN to screw you respectfully. What has BIDEN done throughout his political career, he has a biased past in politics? People who listen to those who want a seat on the BIDEN bus but tell you to wait on the next bus. Don’t you know DEMS & REP are on the same team battling for the QB position? “EYES WIDE SHUT.”

    1. It is scary how they are just going with it none stop. Biden will get in to the White House I truly believe but I also know the whole 4 years of him being in the white house Trump and his supporters will continue to be a huge thorn in his side 😔

  1. I almost forgot what it was like to have a president who actually listened to others and didn’t pretend to be the world’s utmost expert on every topic imaginable.

    1. Lmfao! Says the side that is rioting and looting! Shop owners didnt board up their window cuz they were worried about Trump supporters…..I can tell u that much! Hahaha nice try though!

    2. Has Biden been sucking on your earlobe? After he gets done sucking on Kamala Harris’s earlobes for 4 years she’ll be known as Kumalot Harris in the DC area.

    3. @John Skatz how many sock puppet accounts do you have? This one is only 4 hours old. Just a baby troll.

    4. Rep’s offered $1.8T months ago… Pelosi didn’t accept, now accepts 918$B in 2 payments because if Rep’s get in Senate she will delay it again. Do you not see the common trend of the lady hustling herself/her party/ and you?

  2. Trump has two parts of a brain ‘left and right’

    In the Left there’s nothing right
    And in the right there’s nothing Left.


    1. I hope u got some sleep after thinking up that gem! Lmfao! I’ll be back on January 20th to let u know that Donald J. Trump is ur president for the next 4 years.

  3. Since Biden’s been elected, not a single incoherent, petty, idiotic tweet from the President-Elect.
    If this is what the next 4 years will be like….bring it on! 😍

  4. It was on goggle that if you deny that trump lost their not going to cover It no more fake stories of him winning…. the truth only.

  5. It WAS !!!! A S hole country but now that he is gone we are going to build it back better…!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart President Biden

  6. President-elect Biden is already crafting a diverse administration. I have confidence in his ability to craft an administration that reflects America.

  7. Let’s show the same respect for the essential workers as well as the bars and restaurants that were closed down!!! Well what’s left of them now.👀

  8. Finally, it’s great having an adult who listens, & go to meetings, doesn’t jibber jab throughout. Thank you!

  9. Also, the Credit Bureau scams need to end too. They change the rules too much, Americans can’t win with the current system. Fix it Please

  10. “The world will not destroyed by those who do Evil, But by those who watch them without doing anything.” Albert Einstein

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