Sharpton: We Cannot Allow Our Voting Rights To Be Eroded 1

Sharpton: We Cannot Allow Our Voting Rights To Be Eroded


The Rev. Al Sharpton joins Morning Joe to discuss meeting Thursday with the president to discuss voting rights.
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  1. How the heck can Republicans vote for McConnells 100 of passing nothing if GOP constituents get covid instead of Vaccines?

    1. Covid has a very, very low mortality rate. People on the Right would rather chance it. Kinda like smoking. There’s huge health risks to smoking but a lot of people take that risk anyway, knowing the risks and even reading the surgeon general’s warning on the box. It’s not hard to understand.

    2. @John Clarke Those 4 derpy anti-vax dems I know are also smokers. Tobacky and whacky tobacky.. Coincidence?

    3. @John Clarke as well as meds to pretake that drastically reduce any complications if you do happen to get it. Plus they are finally starting to come out with some of the reported harmful effects of the V.

    4. @Richard Gilley One thing that shocked me about the pandemic was the all out war on freedom of speech. Leftists tried to smear Joe Rogan as being an anti-vaxxxer even though he retracted his statement and AGREED with them! The way covid was politicized by both sides has really shaken my confidence in this country. When you can’t even ask questions without getting de platf ormed or labelled an anti-vaxxxxer (and you have to intentionally misspell words!), there’s something seriously wrong with this country.

  2. When the hours and days to vote are decreased it hurts everyone, if the Republicans don’t think they will feel the backlash, they will be surprised because they have to vote too.

    1. You seriously need to actually read this legislation!!! Your information is clearly wrong!!!

    2. @My Pillow Guy Really? Do you know how many unattended boxes there was all over the freaking place. It doesn’t concern you how they were in some of the weird places? How they could easily be tampered with? Do you not want to make sure your vote actually counts?

    3. Republicans have done years if research and studies to see what laws would be more effective to stop democrat voters.

  3. If your only agenda is suppressing the vote, you’ve already lost. Just go away, GQP, your party is done.

    1. @Paul and now it’s 2021, time has changed, while you apparently are stuck at the turn of the century.

  4. GET started packing Our Supreme court and TERM Limit’s! I demand my right to vote in Fair elections.

  5. Biden needs to figure out how to use his bully pulpit _effectively._ Less “Hey mans” and more “America, We are at a turning point in our history! A moment of crisis! And we need every citizen who cares for this great Republic to show by the power of their vote, _We will NOT let you steal our democracy!”_

  6. Seems to me what they did behind closed doors and not letting the democratic know. That should be against the law and be ablation from the law and the Republicans to be cancelled from government

    1. Yeah, like we should change our government to , you know, like a monarchy or something or tyranny except our dictator would be really cool and be on social media a ton.

  7. There has never been voting rights equality in America since the birth of the nation, and Republican white men want to keep it that way.

    1. Really, because Republican white men introduced the first voting rights amendment in 1870s called the 15th Amendment and the democrat white men opposed it for 100 years. The next Voting Rights Act that was passed was the 1965 Voting rights Act and 90% Republicans supported and 40% Democrats opposed.

      In fact, as southern white men got less racist they left the kkk Democrat Party and joined the carpetbagger abolitionist anti-Jim Crow Republican Party.

      In fact, younger white male George C Wallace of Alabama was Republican and supported the NCAAP and could not get elected, so he left the abolitionist Republican party and joined the Jim Crow KKK Democrat Party and was elected as a racist Democrat governor.

  8. None of us can afford to fritter away our democratic rights and privileges by giving control of any of them to the same lunatics who presented us with Trump. That would be the Republican Party, who continues to show disdain for the law, the truth our Constitutional process and any decency at all. I’m a lifelong independent who will vote against every Republican I can for the rest of my life.

    1. Are you crazy, blind, or manipulated? Read the Biden’s voting legislation & then read GA & the Republicans! If either is making sure your vote counts & harder to cheat it’s the GA/Republicans! Please actually read it! Your not being told the full truth about it nor Biden’s own bill!

    2. good for you and your one vote. You just declared yourself a KKK Nazi Democrat for the rest of your life.

      Now, tell me, what has Trump done to you from Jan. 20, 2017 to Jan. 20, 2021? What harm has Trump done to this country?

      I know that Trump harmed you racist Democrats by denouncing your white supremacy claims over 500 times, and by raising the employment of blacks particularly black men and Trump supported HBCs when Obama refused to, and Trump is the first president in over 50 years where no American soldier died in battle, and I know that Trump lowered the average gas price to $1.50 and made American energy independent, and since the First Amendment and Second Amendment are strongly supported by Republicans and opposed by Democrats, when you say constitution do you mean the 13, 14 and 15 Amendment because those were 100% sponsored by Republicans and 100% opposed by Democrats, or do you mean the Brown vs. Board of Education decision and the 1957 Civil Rights Act because those were supported by over 90% Republicans and opposed by 99 Democrats who signed the Southern Manifesto which was an insurrection against the constitution.

  9. Well, since nearly half of Republicans won’t take the vaccine hopefully half of them will be dead by the next election!!

    1. Ha! Your stupid if you think it’s that deadly! Obviously you don’t know what Republicans know!

  10. “And you guys are going to have to start working more with hispanics who make up a larger portion of population in y’all do.”

    – President-elect Biden in his first meeting with civil rights leaders

  11. There are more amendments to the Constitution pertaining to voting rights than anything else–
    For a reason.

    1. Yup, and the biggest one was the 15th Amendment and that was 100% Republican and 0% Democrats.

  12. There is no reason voting should be limited other than by time frame. Voting in person, by mail, even over the Internet should be secure and convenient. Yes, a voter ID requirement is needed. It’s final form is, as has been for years, our signature, even for the illiterate who sign with an X.

  13. Republicans have their lie and they are going to stick to it. We can’t stop them. They are going to make it as hard to vote as they possibly can. VOTE! don’t let them stop you.

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