1. He’s right, this would be such a betrayal of their former colleague Rep. John Lewis who marched and fought for civil rights all his life. They need to “Get in good trouble, necessary trouble.” Democrates have to do the right thing. “If you stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything”.. put personal politics and ambitions aside.

  2. Manchin just wants to get more of a “pay off” before he agrees to anything. His fantasy football of bipartisanship is just an excuse to manipulate both sides into giving him sweeter deals! He is already being paid by Exxon, plus, his wife was just appointed to a position that she is probably unqualified to hold as well as him playing with the infrastructure bill so that he can make sure his daughter’s company with the EpiPen gets maximum profits at the public’s expense!

  3. If people don’t trust the election outcomes, we are finished as a nation. So what is the party in power doing to restore that trust?

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