‘Shattering,‘ ‘Disturbing’ Details In Mexico Highway Ambush Revealed | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

‘Shattering,‘ ‘Disturbing’ Details In Mexico Highway Ambush Revealed | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


NBC News’ Sam Brock reports on the latest ‘disturbing’ details in the Mexico highway ambush in which six young children were murdered, reportedly gunned down while fleeing a burning car. Aired on 11/05/19.
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‘Shattering,‘ ‘Disturbing’ Details In Mexico Highway Ambush Revealed | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. I’m guessing the clock is ticking for the men who did this and it’s just a matter of time before they meet a grotesque and bloody ending themselves.

    1. It’s a lot harder since Eric Holder has been sending them literally TRUCKLOADS of AKs for years during the Obama administration. The cartels outgun the Mexican military now. Fast and Furious

    2. @Douglas Campbell They’re money hungry and they’ll do anything to get it, drugs are not what the war is about. It never was about the drugs, it’s about control and their problems with the government.

  2. We’ve had far worse mass shootings in schools and places of worship here in America from gun nutters. 20 babies were gunned down in Sandy Hook, and the NRA and right wing extremists responded by attacking their parents.

    1. Congratulations everyone!

      This thread has won the YouTube’s “Saddest Thread of The Week”!

      Your prize is in the mail….


    2. @Daisy Elmir I always end my comment with a . You’re not new here, stop trying to deflect.
      Personally I’m very disappointed , because you didn’t end with

    1. @Matilda Greene so please tell me how being a mormon fundamentalist equates to justifiable homicide, please enlighten me

    2. @Aesthetic Medic NOTHING justifies murder…I did not say that….Just learning of the pieces of a puzzle…like most murders.

    3. @Aesthetic Medic Americans delcared war on the mormons in Missouri and Illinois and even killed it’s founder, it was justified in 1844.

    4. @Aesthetic Medic Firstly as a child of cain myself F the mormons. Secondly that sect is also attacking the cartels. Its known world wide.
      This attack was a warning shot.

    5. That lebaron family has been making trouble for the local cartel gowing back to 2012 when MIT Romney ran for president. Google it

    1. @Daisy Elmir it’s truth. You Judy don’t like what I said. The fact of the matter is I feel sorry for the millions of black people that was killed. And the many lives that are yet being taken.

  3. Best thing to do, is label all cartels as domestic terrorists, enemies of the state and treat them like enemy combatants in a war and use the full force of the Mexican and American army to systematically target them and eliminate them piece by piece.

    1. Trump has offered to clean Mexico up you dipshits. If the Mexican government refuse then we know they are involved

    2. i have a feeling we may turn on the news in the morning and see video of attack helicopters flying to mexico,blowing up fields,warehouses,processing plants and big houses with expensive cars in the driveways,,he DOES have the balls unlike a former president

    3. @TheRealCritique and Hillary would have already opened the border, guess we should do that a d it’ll all go away… right?

  4. At least Mexico wants a just response for these deaths. I guess they’re more civilized than people here for all the deaths of migrants under that orange White House squatter.

    1. @peacefulheart Yeah… While we hunt terrorists abroad, we turn our back to our own neighbors… We have military power! Many different ways to wipe out the cartel. But we seem to not care.

    2. Mr. Howley Mexico tried to tackle the cartels with military strength, but the cartels retaliated and killed many civilians and innocents. It’s incredibly disturbing how humans are capable of such destruction and horror.
      You don’t fight battles with the cartels, you need to sabotage them completely and eradicate them.

    3. @Roberto Santibanez Yes. Bait and tackle. Espionage. We have a satellite that can see the smallest details. Just ask tRump about that leak… But there are many, many reasons to address this b.s. New US military tech is here.

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