She asked where her recycling goes. See what we discovered 1

She asked where her recycling goes. See what we discovered

Lilly Geisler goes to a lot of trouble to recycle. So she left CNN a voicemail asking: How much of my recycling actually gets recycled? John Sutter travels to Muncie, Indiana, to find out. See more from our "Let's Talk About the Climate Apocalypse" series.
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    1. The green deal in addition to being a joke, doesn’t address the global issues. For example, China builds 2 emission spewing factories a day with no regulations. Even the Paris Accord doesn’t do anything to regulate global issues. America is expected to abide by these stipulations but China can do whatever they want?
      Give me a break.
      And in most cities recycling is a joke, too. In Chicago they charge you an extra recycling fee but just dump everything in the same place after citizens have to make the effort to separate everything. The entire thing is a scam and the government is only pretending to care about the environment. Your children’s children will face the wrath of the establishment.

  1. recycling in Indianapolis all goes to the waste to energy incinerator just like the rest of the trash in Indianapolis

    1. I’m in the plastic industry and bio plastic is not what you think it is and don’t work. Go for glass, metal and unlaminated paper. Bioplastic is usually just regular plastic with a chemical additive that breaks it down faster.

  2. I was stunned to learn that in Canada, a lot of our plastic recycling is shipped to Malaysia. I rarely buy bottled water and reusable glass bottle.

    1. did you not hear about the TONS of milk bottles that were shipped to Malaysia and were gross and stinking because people do not clean them before recycling them. the Malaysians refused them but the company that shipped them no longer existed and it was 2 years before the Canadian Gov’t agreed to take them back.

    2. @kathy smith Didn’t hear that particular detail but I believe it. Personally when I put out my recycle I rinse the container. I was shocked to learn our plastic goes on a ship to other countries

    3. Apparently, recycling was a marketing ploy of the petrochemical industry, as told by some YT videos, including this video. A search for “How China broke recycling” will bring up plenty of videos explaining why everything ends up in that part of the world and how many of those countries, not just China, are refusing to accept western trash (essentially).

    4. Plus all businesses do not recycle to me it stupid, Joe average does his part, the restaurant with the green organic sign on the window it all taken to the local dump total bullshit

  3. “She asked where her recycling goes.” Pretty much straight to the landfill. Americans never figured out a cost effective way of implementing recycling programs on a large scale basis, and Americans really aren’t all that savvy or enthusiastic at doing things that require some effort on their part that doesn’t give an immediate financial gain. Total sloth and waste are truly American consumer values.

  4. Just don’t use it as an excuse to be wasteful. Convert all your items to metal, glass, cardboard etc.

  5. Only the #1 and #2 plastic is actually able to be recycled. All the higher numbers are trash. They can’t recycle milk cartons.

  6. This is a good piece. I never believed that recycling is a perfect process, and I’m sure it never will be, but anything we can do to improve recycling should be done.

    As a Marine who has had multiple sea deployments, I can tell you that the US Navy is dead serious about recycling, and separating cans, paper and plastic.

    To me it’s all about NOT leaving a totally phucked up world for our kids, their kids, and their kids.

    Semper Fi

    1. Is the US Navy working on a time machine and does anybody know Bruce Willis’s email address? Michael J Fox would just go back with selfish intentions.

    2. @Raymond Black Patriot Carter DARPA is working on everything. Are they close to a working model? Who knows?

      Seriously though as a former sailor I can tell you that life on a ship taught me a lot about things we take for granted, like how much water we waste. You can shower and get clean while using probably one tenth the water you currently use.

      But this is one thing you can really do to reduce your impact on the environment, never buy bottled water again. Get a reusable water bottle and fill it from your tap and from water fountains during your day. If you don’t like the taste of your local water get a filter for your home tap or even a filter bottle. Those bottles are recyclable but rarely do get recycled even if you specifically dispose of them properly.

  7. I recently cashed in all of my aluminum cans at a recycling facility. I had 224 pounds and got $112 at 50 cents per pound. Also, my local trash collection service has their own recycling facility. They gave me a separate bin to put all of my recyclable material into and they pick it up once a month.

  8. Answering questions for people in this format is a excellent move. Give that person a raise. I hope you guys can continue to grow your viewership.

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