‘She lies about lying’: Brianna Keilar fires back at McEnany

'She lies about lying': Brianna Keilar fires back at McEnany 1


The White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany baselessly linked CNN reporter Brianna Keilar's comments about the Kentucky Attorney General to the shooting of two Louisville police officers after the killing of Breonna Taylor. Hear her response.

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  1. “I promise to never lie to you.” Kayleigh’s started her career with a lie and hasn’t stopped lying since.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏

    • **I keep waiting for the crucifix on Kayleigh’s neck,,, to burst into flames!!!! She sold her soul,,, she knows Trump is the devil!!! She sold her soul,,, for Fame and money!!!! It’s quite pathetic,, to watch her try to justify,,, the insanity,, that comes out of trumps mouth!!!!!**

    • True Justice would be a recording of Kayleigh’s “I promise to never lie to you” being placed on a mini recorder around her neck and replayed to her every 60 seconds for the rest of her life. Sort of like those electronic ankle bracelets they use for felons.

  2. This exactly what I’ve been saying, the Kentucky AG was bribed by the US AG to say those exact words…smh

  3. Tucker is a child, he acts and talks like a child, his reporting is sleezy and immature.


  5. We know she lies after lies. I never watch her press.

  6. The pres has made statements ‘there’s a few bad apples’ when we ALL know there are a lot more corrupt policemen on the force among those great ones who are really caring taking their vows seriously to serve and protect Everyone. Studies clearly show ‘b’ people who make up a FAR smaller portion of the total population than ‘w’ people, are still killed three times more than ‘w’ people. And although more people ‘w’ people commit more crimes than ‘b’ people – more ‘b’ people are behind bars. hmmm. go figure. Further, the majority of gun deaths in the US are not homicides but suicides, and ‘w’ men account for 74 % of them – not to mention mass shootings within schools and malls. Thought it was interesting that one Sen. Scott who spoke at the convention, I did not hear him speak on his personal experience of being stopped multiple times by police within the course of one year – as he has mentioned before. It is a big problem being pushed under the rug.

    • @john smith The evil leftist make it up as they go to try to win things criminally rather than virtuously.

    • nOlinagirlasia.link

    • john smith if they policed white people the same way they police poc those stats would be a lot different.

    • @jason S That’s not true. The murder rates are the murder rates, it’s not like because police aren’t going into white neighborhoods that there are murders taking place in white neighborhoods that we don’t know about. We know when a murder takes place because there’s either a dead body or a missing person.

    • john smith rt murder isn’t the only violent crime though so that’s y it comes in to play. Also we have done a damn good job of keeping poc in poverty so that would increase crime rate ya know

  7. Gary Truthteller | September 25, 2020 at 9:27 PM | Reply

    George Washington: “I cannot tell a lie.”
    Donnie Trump (and Kayleigh McEnany): “I cannot tell the truth.”
    MAGA zombie: “Derp, I cannot tell the difference. (Derp).. Lock her up!”

  8. BRILLIANT JOURNALISM. Sadly, only the choir got to hear this beautiful anthem to truth and justice.

  9. Tucker always looks like he just pooped in his diaper!

  10. Terrence Thomas | September 25, 2020 at 9:32 PM | Reply

    Tucker Carlson spent 6 months saying that the virus was a “democratic hoax”. And let’s talk about the girl that said on her first day “I will never lie to you”. Ha ha ha

  11. Brianna got her clips together like she’s presenting a PowerPoint presentation 👏🏿

  12. Tucker Carlson is a smirking sphincter too painful to watch.

  13. Carlson is the most confused looking person on the planet. Good grief that expression looks painful.

  14. It’s factually impossible to be honest when representing a pathological liar.

    • True. When you are the spokesperson who NEVER tells the truth, you have to disconnect from reality and brainwash yourself into believing that truth is whatever some Rightie says it is, evidence be damned.

    • @Marchant2 yes. And when you’re CNN. The rightie that you believe won’t let you see how you’re wrongie!😜

  15. No explanation necessary. Kayleigh needs TP to her wipe her mouth everytime she stands her front of the podium.

  16. Phenomenal reporting Brianna Keillor. Thank you. Let’s give Trump everything he demands of others and watch him fall.

  17. I love how Brianna calls them out on their BS. McEnany, just like Sarah Sanders and Kelly Ann Conway, has sold her soul and is willing to lie continuously.

    • Y’all clowns if you still believe CNN 😂😂

    • We love you Brianna for holding their feet to the fire! You are a journalistic hero and we thank you

    • I can’t take ANY one seriously if/when they say things like, “tRump never lies” or “is not racist, in the fact he opposite of racist (Kim Klacik? lady), and has done more to help black Americans the likes of which have never been since, uh, since Lincoln.” GTFOH! Disingenuous, bad faith, Dear Leader pandering disqualifies one from being a source of facts.

    • Angel Lastname Biden can be found taking pictures with multiple racist do y’all not research Biden at all 😂😂🤡🤡🤡

    • The crowds behind The idiot seem to be getting smaller since We know it isn’t down to social distancing ! November 3, let people see the light and get out and vote early!!!!!

  18. “WH BOB” needs a nose job. It’s getting so long that it took a hard left turn.

  19. Brianna keilar always has her facts and explains thouroughly.

  20. mcenany lies EVERYTIME she is at that podium. I can’t believe she can even look at herself in the mirror. Shameful very shameful

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