1. How can anyone watch this and not want to do everything they can to make sure it never happens again? There are some truly heartless sh*theads in this country.

    1. @oakinwol you assume so much it’s almost as if your arguing with yourself, can a person even say their stance without you putting words in their mouth? I mean seriously you think as a individual I don’t care about the safety of children? I mean how can I even have a discussion with you when you put me in such a despicable position? Ridiculous. It’s a great tactic though if you never want to admit your wrong.

    2. ​@Anthony Pearson4JesusofNazareth I might understand you saying you’re doing this out of concern for your kids if any of the proposed solutions would actually make your kids less safe. How would banning assault rifles make your kids less safe? If I had to choose between going against someone trying to dual wield pistols or someone with an AR15 I know which one I’d choose. You’ve been free to propose any solution that would ACTUALLY make kids safer. Simply arguing against other people’s ideas without proposing any certainly doesn’t make kids safer and it feels like the exact same behavior that has made it impossible for us to do anything about this over decades so it comes across as the behavior that actually contributes to kids being less safe. People here are tired of just arguing nonsense back and forth and we want solutions. Hopefully that is understandable at least

    3. @oakinwol not very convincing just because you have some strange confidence in a situation with pistols vs ar.

    4. ​@Anthony Pearson4JesusofNazareth I’m not listening to anyone who is pretending like we can’t tell exactly which weapons and magazines are obviously the most dangerous and currently being used ALL THE TIME in mass shootings, and who doesn’t know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re.’

    1. Oh, were you two related? (You had the same father…) If so, sorry for your loss! But why do you say “your family” and not “our family”, then? 🤔

  2. Really heart breaking…loosing loved ones is very painful…when I loat my mom 4 months back… RIP to those innocent kids…🙏

  3. There are no words to express my heartfelt sorrow to these families , this world is no longer people friendly. Too much violence and hate and selfishness
    My daughter is 10 and in 4 th grade I’m so fortunate that I have and am able to homeschool her. I would not send my child to a public school but I know some parents aren’t able to homeschool so I hope that doesn’t sound rude. So sad !!

    1. I also am so fortunate to be able to homeschool my children.
      It’s not for this reason. But every time this happens, I cry my heart out for the families, the teachers, the EMTs and medical personnel, the witnesses and bereaved young friends…I cry my eyes out, and then splash cold water on my face and go hug my small children and play a game with them.
      We must, must, MUST change!!!
      This is unacceptable.
      The Republicans shout that it is mental health…but they don’t even take any action at all to make mental health more affordable or accessible.
      WE MUST CHANGE. It can’t go on like this!

  4. I cannot imagine the horrific pain this mother and father are feeling. Time to take action beyond just words. So sorry for all of your losses.

  5. This is so painful to watch. I cannot even imagine the pain these poor people are going through.

    1. Vote for people that vote for sensible gun control and we can all stop imagining what these parents and kids are being put through.

  6. I cant even imagine the pain that they are feeling. So sorry for them. USA should really do something about this gun violance.

  7. sorry for your loss. As a mom, I was crying while watching this video. Can’t imagine the level of pain their family is going through. Can we unite and keep contacting these senators and make some change? Enough is enough.

    1. yeah…the government is so efficient in getting something done. They just make things more expensive and takes longer to implement anything productive.

  8. it’s sad that the family has to deal with that forever, our politicians will never change.

  9. Hard to watch, but people need to know exactly what is going on. I pray for safety & kind, provisional care of these people and ALL people involved. Let us drop a Net of Light around them and the USA for Peace and Love to prevail.

  10. So heart breaking…we have failed our kids. We have to do better…we have to do something. PLEASE!!!

    1. contact every elected official who represents your districts (federal, state, and local) and let them know your view on this issue. The reason the gun rights lunatics are winning is because they do this more, and more loudly, than we do.

  11. I just can’t. I’m so sorry that your family has to go through this. I’m truly heartbroken for you 💜💜🫶🏽

  12. Thank you for your courage. America deserves to see your pain and to feel shame and anger. Take care of each other!

  13. The father is unable to speak, if that means anything, he is probably only able to support his wife with his presence. This is what trauma looks like! They both are so strong, but he’s the head of his household so I know he is beyond grief stricken!
    Stay strong

  14. Powerful testimony from this mother. My heart totally breaks 💔 for her and her husband and other kids. My goodness. What has this country become when assault rifles are more important than human life. Her last statement of another mother being next. She could not have said it any better. May her angel rest in heaven.

    Texas, this is your chance to turn your state BLUE vote 🗳 the incompetent GOP out of office. They do not care for your well-being nor your children’s. All they want is power and blood money from the NRA.

  15. We shouldn’t remain desensitized to the trauma that comes with mass shootings especially towards defenseless elementary kids. Once we lose empathy then we are all doomed.

  16. Your daughter is a beautiful, loving soul. How I wish we could heal your poor broken hearts <3
    As someone who has lost a sister, my thoughts are strongly present with your other children as well.
    May it bring you peace to remember the gorgeous morning you spent celebrating Lexi, her incredible accomplishments, and your strong love for her!!!

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