1. When you hear that people like Ivanka & Jared, Don Jr & Eric, and Tucker Carlson & Laura Ingraham, are all sending their own kids back to school, then you’ll know that it’s safe.
    These are the people that are trying to convince you to send your kids back to school, while their kids remain safe at home.

    1. They send their kids to pvate school’s & tudor’s & of course an essential worker to take their children’s SAT’s, exams, test, quizzes. Whew! it’s hard with a silver spoon in your mouth. We’re all in this together America & their sending their thoughts & prayers.

    2. Yet the school the President sends his young son too, Private school, of course, will be closed and only have online classes.

    1. @Bane Trump never said covid was a hoax. Next time do ur own research rather than guzzle everything fake news CNN tells you

    2. @Heidi Giles so 1 rally was the problem? And not the continuous protests for months since a career criminal got killed by a psycho cop? Ok

    3. No, the governor and mayor should. This virus has infected 220 Countries. Its here its going nowhere until a vaccine is introduced

  2. this is horrible & a reminder it’s not about numbers … PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS r loosing their lives … prayers 2 all affected by this deadly pandemic🙏🏽

    1. Jake Clough
      You have no idea if you are that vulnerable. There are many genetic components involved in susceptibility that we are no where near understanding. And death isn’t hardly the only consequence of this virus, long term and permanent disability bllllhllhhhlhlouppupupouo pp up

    2. @michelle belle Please don’t waste your time with the trolls. Civilized people know that Covid-19 is an equal opportunity virus. Statistics won’t matter when it’s their turn to suffer.

    3. Even if we TRIPLED the current death toll we will still lose more people to heart disease than covid. Where’s the outrage for heart disease?

    4. @Redman Law 99 Sorry, just lost my mom today to this. Its so far, my daughter one doctor, one nurse are seeing a major uptick of young healthy people who are getting damage to their organs, some die, while there is in some cases underlying issues in others there is not. the daughter doc says it has to do usually with dose of virus. I worked in labs almost 30 yr and we don’t know how this one very well at all.

  3. So very sorry for all that you are going thru Anadelia. Praying for the little ones as well.🙏❤❤❤

  4. Yes I get this has a relatively low death rate (kinda). Yes I know people can die of other diseases per year relative to this. You may not even be affected adversely by the virus yourself. But as long as there is no vaccine available yet, at least wear a mask. At least try not to spread the virus, you never know who you may spread it to – the next person who catches it from you may not be so lucky.

    Good day.

  5. Throughout Trump’s history on earth when has he ever shown his compassion for others or his ability to lead? Trump has always only ever been about Trump and those who voted him in are just as guilty as he for this Mother’s loss.

    1. @Samatha R.: That’s a LIE!!!! This virus was brought here on purpose. Also, what about HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE?!

    2. CandyGirl 高橋あずみ just saying what my friends claimed they experienced. They were in Shenzhen to get molds for plastic products they were having poured there to bring the molds back to USA to begin USA production.

    3. @KingŢruth Gooď he never called it a hoax, you dope. He was referring to the democrats criticism of his administrations response to the pandemic. The problem is people like you who spread false information

  6. Blame the government and stupid people for downplaying this virus. Should of shut this country down for a year we would of been in great shape. But mainly is we don’t have a real president. We only have a TV show host playing games with peoples life saying “you’re fired”

  7. Every family who lost a loved one should sue Trump and Fox News for blatantly endangering their family.

    1. You’re absolutely right. Careless disregard of life. Him and his evil minions should all be in prison.

  8. I’m sorry for your loss. Losing a child at any age is horrible. Praying for you and the children.

  9. I live down here and this Governor is a fn nightmare. He is nowhere to be found leaving all the responsibility on the local officials. No leadership at all from this creep.

  10. My condolence to her and her grandchildren.
    Stay safe everyone.

    Hope those anti mask wearers grow up if they watch this videos they’ll choke their own words of aggorant

  11. It’s a scamdemic right? I’m an ICU nurse and I’m tired of seeing people die of this. Listen to your healthcare professionals. Not this nut job president.

    1. AnUnperfect Circle half dozen doctors in DC, verified by journalists with over 300 cases in TX. Doctors from California MONTHS AGO who argued against Covid. My Sister in law’s mother is a charge nurse here in Miami, and agrees with these claims. I also know a chief physician from a hospital in Fort Lauderdale who said that not only is hospital NOT being overwhelmed, but they’re time to see a patient in the ER is almost HALVED.

    2. Liam Hernandez you didn’t beat anything. It’s been proven that previously infected can get infected again. Not sure where your getting you science from but there’s always a body bag waiting

  12. Where is her husband/father of the children to raise his kids? I hope he shows up. Bless this Lady!

  13. We have to vote tRump out. He’s murdering thousands of Americans by purposefully making things worse 🗳

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