‘She Mowed Him Down’: Sen. Kennedy Grills Stacey Abrams On Georgia Law | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The Republican Senators have proved once again that they do not have an “A game”. Stacy Abrams has become a national hero, and Kennedy miscalculated when he tried to make her look bad.

    1. What happened here is that Mr. smart pants white man tried to humiliate this exceptional black woman, but she showed him that such style of racism has long gone. He is telling her to “list, give me a list”. He had been lied to all his life, that only people that look like him are smart. His ivy league education could not stand up to Ms. Abrams’ calm, astute and truthful manner. He looked like a sad racist fool. There are many more Stacey Abrams out there and that is what got all those old white men, especially, shaking in theirboots asking themselves, “when did this happen”. He showed absolutely no respect for this outstandingly bright American woman who should be honoured with a Nobel Prize.

    2. No shiate. The ‘right’ has no social support as the ‘left’ has infiltrated and poisoned everything with Marxism

    1. Stacy and the demacates are a bunch of cry babys. They need to Pop that tit out of there mouth and grow up. The new Georgia law just makes it harder for the demacates to cheat.

  2. Oxford alumni union lawyers need to send Kennedy a “cease and desist” on using their good name along with a decent set of dentures.

    1. And some batteries for his hearing aid along with a script for adderall so he can keep focused and follow her clear replies.

  3. Her calmness and restraint was epic in the face of this evident attempt to put her off by being obstructive. He ended up looking stupid when he thought he was being so clever. She just looked so classy in response.

    1. @mike briganti Got some hatred for strong, intelligent women? Or is it really because she’s a strong, intelligent BLACK WOMAN?

    2. @N Boddie really??? If she had spoken up, it would not have happened. Oh…she supported it at first. Yea…that’s right. She is a menace to Atlanta’s and Georgia’s citizens. You must have plenty of money and wouldn’t have needed it.

  4. This is embarrassing. Stacey she
    Shows up when they want a show down. All he did was make himself look complicit in the face of questions he was asking 😂

    1. @S Jeffries What you’ve listed are guilt-driven, half-hearted attempts at reparations while what was and is actually happening is:

      Who’s NOT “Privileged”: The race that gets shot after being pulled over for having too big an air freshener hanging from your mirror
      Who’s NOT “Privileged”: The race that occupies most of our prisons because of crimes committed out of desperation
      Who’s NOT “Privileged”: The race that has internalized the way they’ve been treated since forever and don’t have the skills to see their ways out
      Who’s NOT “Privileged”: The race that White America only cares about when they’re so angry with their every day treatment (that we’re blind to) they blow up

      Only an ignorant racist would consider weights added to the light (and slighted) side privilege. So CHECK YOURSELF!

    2. @Indeo Smith Abrams stole money from me, my family, and my friends. She is a B who lies with the best. We NEEDED the MLB money. I am real glad you don’t need money like we do.

    3. @The Honest Christian What is wrong with you “Christian”? Abrams betrayed us in Atlanta. We need the MLB money and that woman strongly supported the move to Denver. I guess no one remembers what she was saying “back then”. It makes me sick that anyone can say one nice thing about her…do you want to send me money? Good Christian.

  5. Fear her. You already showed how scared you are of her. All she is doing is speaking the truth. Idk y they keep trying her. I wish I could articulate my thoughts as well as she did

    1. Watching her move, with the sword of justice held high in her hand, is such a beautiful thing to see. A black woman is leading American elegantly and brilliantly into a better world. SO glad I lived this long and can’t wait to see what Stacy Abrams touches next.

  6. I love this woman. After leveling the fields in GA can we find something for her to do on a global level. She is so knowledgeable.

    1. @Elvis Presley you didn’t answer the question. OR, was that your answer? ‘Ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.”

    2. @zan Lehman yes I did. You’re a RACIST democrat! And you probably think your poor azz is privileged. 😂😂😂😂 Lebron’s more privileged than you’ll ever be, RACIST

  7. My question is how does Kennedy not already know all of these things? It’s like he’s hearing all of this for the first time.

    1. …non-white woman. His racism is su much a part of him Tharp he can’t get beyond it…. and most Republicans can’t either.

    2. I’m sure her office had to send over a copy of all material concerning the preparation of this hearing/meeting.

      There’s no way he didn’t already have the source material for her objections to those laws in front of him. Especially if there were to be any technical difficulties with the equipment.

  8. Guess Kennedy never watched The Wire. Nor played chess, for that matter: You come for the Queen, you best not miss.

    1. So very beautifully put! I had thought of commenting put you wrapped it all up and put a bow on it. She should have been the legitimate governor of Georgia.

    2. @Lioness Rising Maybe but remember Omar got topped by one of his own like MLK and Malcolm. I, for one, wouldn’t want that for this indomitable Woman Warrior.

  9. I love how she powered through and smiled at his ridiculousness. She put him right where he belongs.

    1. I suppose it Doesn’t matter that she stole significant income from Atlanta’s citizens who really needed it and were counting on it. She is a terrible person.

    2. @BJ Smith are you in this world ? MLB change to Denver -10% black BTW-took about one hundred million away from Atlanta – 50-60% black BTW. She supported the move and promoted the move strongly. She back tracked later when people started pointing out what she had done BUT she did not stop the move and I assure you she could have. Oh yea, Colorado’s voting regs are a little bit tighter than the new Ga bill. I don’t understand how anyone can tolerate her after this betrayal. That evil B took money away from me, my family, and my friends. People are so dumb they don’t even read the bills and find out what is in them. NY, Pa, NJ have much stricter voting laws than the new Ga bill.

    3. @CJ 2021 nope. Why are you falsely accusing Stacey Abrams of something White men decided to do? Next, you’ll be trying to accuse George Floyd of hurting Chauvin’s knee.

    4. @Emile Rose read what I said- she strongly supported it at first and she could have stopped it. You act like she is innocent – she supported it until people started criticizing her. What is wrong with you???? I am talking specifically about Abrams – my worthless rep. People like you want this country divided. What does her betrayal have to do with white men? Nothing.

  10. Kennedy: “give me a list of the provisions you object to”

    Abrams:”how much time you have?”

  11. The fact that he asked her to slow down and start over because of apparent non-existent audio issues in the room was just hilarious. I guess that the deflection comment was easier than saying that he’s incapable of keeping up with her?

    1. I do reservations and a lot of them claim I’m taking too fast. I cant speak in slow motion or they’d think I’m being facetious.

  12. That lady Stacy she rocks, even when he cuts her off. Straight forward and to the point gracefully put. 🇨🇦😷

  13. Wow, Stacey Abrams had no mercy. She was calm, polite and highly factual. I guess they will not be inviting her back any time soon.

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