‘She wasn’t remorseful’: John Dean reacts to Ginni Thomas’ transcript testimony

Released transcripts from the January 6 testimony of Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, reveal that she said she would take back texts she sent to White House Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows about overturning the 2020 election. Despite regretting sending the texts, she doubled down on her beliefs about the stolen 2020 election. CNN contributor John Dean talks with Sara Sidner about what he thinks of the testimony and why he believes it’s an “odd collection” in the deposition.
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    1. There was really no good way to end that sentence. She’s not just corrupt.. she’s sloppy .. just like her friend.

  1. And all of a sudden she has amnesia and lying that she had not discussed any of this that was highly troubling to her with her husband. She’s gotten first class coaching.

    1. I don’t know why you would call it first class..Sounds to me like standard procedure..As DJT ( Ethics ) Lawyer said,” They can’t prove lack of memory.” It is just amazing, they all have the same Oldshimmer. I see another Lawyer, needing a Lawyer, for the Ethics Bar Association…

    1. It’s her better half that regrets in her texts exposure of the little white Lie in can you belive I lost to this guy Biden yes Donald Americans can belive it and reason why is you never Won anything by a popular vote from Patriots……….

    2. What did she get caught doing. She was being politically active but that is her right in the United States. Cecelia Marshall was also political active when our first black Supreme Court justice was on the bench. We never dreamed of saying that she should stop working for the NAACP or that he should recuse himself when cases involving the NAACP come up. This is all racism because justice Thomas is black and she is white. Notice, her picture is posted so people know she is white. This is nothing but Robert political racism.

  2. She regrets NOTHING! She’s in damage-control mode, a reflex action of all Republicans caught with their draws(or panties) down. Had she not been caught in her lies, she would have remained silent.

    1. @My Opinion News flash the FBI literally came out in a press conference and said and I quote “there was no insurrection on January the 6th. My my you cuckoo’s have a wild imagination.

  3. The worst are people claiming her flavors of regret – getting caught and flagged. Is their conflict-of-interest called a ‘Lay-up’ in the basketball world? Evidently not with DOJ.

    1. @Brian Marek but they both are doing it lol… and fair in what way…? the right doesnt want to ban anyone… they just want to debate… the left like to FrEaK oUt over the smallest slight to their cause… lashing out like children… the Left doesnt even believe in guns for god sakes… who are they going to harm…? themselves…? the Right and left are so polarized they wont even live near each other… look at geographical polling data…

    1. We’ve known for a long time what and who Ginni Thomas is. Remember, she was front and center at Tea Bag rallies years ago.

    2. @Video Time Capsule not just aulii11…she is a reprehensible which is redundant for republican..you think only 3 people find her haughtily horrid???

  4. What’s more disturbing is believing she had PULL. She had to know if she wasn’t married to a Supreme Court Justice know one would take her call. I never heard of a spouse of a Senate or House member calling . And the fact that her husband is known as the most conservative judge on the court and doesn’t own the character to recuse himself when his vote was already predetermined. Didn’t care to hear others opinion and sends his vote via text.

    1. Well genius, if she was making a statement was based on her opinion no one would care. She made her statement she stated as fact. What she said has been proven to be untrue.

  5. Ginny says “she’s “not comfortable with them being released”! Nor was her husband
    who was the only justice out of the nine on SCOTUS who voted against releasing them.
    And she expects people will believe her claim that she doesn´t talk with her husband
    about these matters! I have to ask myself “just who do they think they’re kidding?”

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