Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce ‘Greatest Sprinter, Di Argument Dun’ | TVJ Sports Commentary – July 19 2022

Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce 'Greatest Sprinter, Di Argument Dun' | TVJ Sports Commentary - July 19 2022 1


  1. I totally disagree with u on this 1 Mr Tracy. I’ve watch the pass and see what other athlete accomplish and SFP surpass dem and done what no other athlete has ever done. So she mus be the greatest of all time because now is the future and no one is sure about 2morrow

    1. @Warm Trees if now is not the future then When is the future? Because i kno that today is the day that we’re living in, so if now is not the future, that simple mean am living in a dream land

    2. @Dewayane Johnson I kinda get what the person is saying and I think it makes sense to say greatest of all time because greatest of all time would mean she is the greatest from THIS day to all time before This day as opposed to greatest from This day and after

    3. If someone came 20 yrs from now and surpassed Shelly, then would shelly be the greatest of all time?

    4. @SPARTAN my answer to this is no. Usain Bolt break the sprint double record 13yrs ago. Them resign 5yrs ago. Being that we’re pass, present and future tens. Has anyone yet surpass Usain Bolt level which he has set? If the answer is no . Then how the hell on earth ppl mixing future tend with present. SFP is the is GOAT and its np dought about that

  2. Some of Us need to cut out the bias and Let the results speaks for itself and put some respect on S.A.F.P name argument Dun! I’m proud of all theπŸ‡―πŸ‡²athletes πŸ™β€οΈ

  3. Argument done maverick 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  4. Argument done and dusted, she is the greatest right now , point blank and period. gwaan Shelly.

  5. The women from Jamaica is on top of the world.. They are not only making finals they are winning.. Go Jamaica!! Congratulations

  6. Shelly is the greatest OVERALL but Merlene was our greatest once and so was VCB. Elaine and Sherika are building there portfolio’s too and have talent unique to their own strengths. ❀️ dem all!

    1. Shelly is the greatest of all time so far..over all the other female sprinters that went befor her. PERIOD!!

  7. Being the fastest doesn’t necessary make you the greatest.
    Going by that statement, FloJo should be the GOAT. How can she hold that title when she only dominate for a single season and before that, she was just an average sprinter (she improved her PBs by more than 0.5 seconds in back to back seasons, which is already very suspicious). Without saying that her 100m WR was probably ran with an ilegal tailwind (her 10.54 (+3.0) at the olympic confirmed that).
    And finally, she retired right after the IAAF announced that they would start to do random doping test form 1989 onwards.
    Fraser-Pryce is one of only 5 track and field athletes to win 20 or more world and olympics medals, plus being the first sprinter ever to win 5 100m world titles, not even Usain Bolt has done that. She’s also the most endurance track and field female athlete ever with 14 years between her first and her newest individual global title (2008-2022).
    The woman with most sub-11 100m (currently 73; plus 26 sub 10.8s and 5 sub 10.7s which also makes her the woman with most runs under those barriers). Having a baby a being able to comeback even stronger simply has to be consider one of the greatest achievements in sport history (not just in track and field).
    Everybody can have their own opinions and that’s perfectly acceptable, but facts are facts, and nobody can deny that. πŸ€—

  8. The many worldwide athletics recognition that our female athletes have gained for Jamaica is phenomenal!!

  9. Greatest sprinter of all time.. seet deh d argument dun🀫🀐🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  10. Both ladies need what the other accomplished with what the have already to be the GOAT! ARGUMENT DUN.

  11. The truth is :
    1. Longivity alone is more than enough to proclaim SFP as the G.O.A.T. as a female sprinter. The only other female I would compare her to is Merlene ottey.
    2. She has won more 100m gold medals than any other female sprinter.
    3. She has ran more 10.70s than Flo jo (4).
    4. Only woman to become a mother and won two 100m titles.
    Arguably the greatest female sprinter of all times.

  12. Shelly Ann Fraser is the PRESENT G-O-A-T- and at keastt for the 50 years and even longer no other Athelete can even come close apart from Elaine Thompson -Herah they have to win 6 world 100m championship plus 200 m plus Olympic gold and 4x100m races presently she can win the 200and the relay

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