Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce | TVJ Sports Commentary – June 21 2022

Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce | TVJ Sports Commentary - June 21 2022 1


  1. Maverick, remember Shelly ran 10.60 last year early in the season. Elaine didn’t look good and even came 3rd in the 100m finals. I am not ready to anoint Shelly because of a 10.67, and yes Shelly does look impressive.

    1. @sherwood991 I shall do *NO* such thing! You said enough!!!! To be frank, what you said was in and of itself:

    2. He won’t see your comment here. This is TVJ’s channel. His own YouTube channel is called ” Oral Maverick Tracey “. He gives quick videos after a race. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇯🇲🇯🇲

    1. @Eddz Official she wasn’t going to beat Elaine did you notice how far elaine beat her pointing at the clock and then again in the 200 and Eugene where she didn’t stumble so who knows what will happen this year under pressure if elaine isn’t ready she will have no competition and the race will be boring who wants that

    2. @T Smith your race alone ago boring ….😂 bout …with or without Elaine the meet is gonna be a epic meet comes Eugene

    3. @T Smith Well, we know that the 200 metres is not SFP’s pet event, I can see through that; but 100 metres is her (SFP) pet event. She’s quick out the blocks, while ETH isn’t that quick… If she hadn’t stumble in the 100 metres (Olympics) race would’ve been even to the finish line, trust me on that.

  2. Right now Jamaican women sprinter’s are competing among themselves. The competition’s out there is mediocre

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