Sherrilyn Ifill: Trump Is Late To The Party On Police Reform | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @jason blum u still don’t know how it works? The snowflakes in the Senate, Republican ruled, said the offense wasn’t bad enough to remove him. It’s a 2 step process. You could have simply looked it up instead of embarrassing yourself. Or you could have worded a different way if that was a real question.

    2. @Howie Will I I said 85% saw a tax cut. Everyone I know saw more money in a paycheck, they saw more in a refund. I’m living the dream in retirement since i was 46, i’m 52 now. The NYT of all papers even did a story on the tax cut and said, how Dems were saying, it was a Tax cut for the 1%, NYT said WRONG, it helped 85% of all Americans. So where do you fall in on the income level? Kids?

    3. @RuBaron715 I’ll wait for him to come back to Green Bay. Thanks for the chip in, but I’m retired and living the dream since i was 46, I’m 52 now. Must run in the family with being able to retire early, my Dad retired at 42.

    4. You just have to remember one thing i am and always will be dgeneration x and if your not down with that i got 2 words for ya

  1. All this happening on Trumps watch, and then calls foul, blaming others Trump is a wussy 😁🇺🇸

    1. @Ellen Peba Conservatives only glance at Poliico beacause they don’t understand the lexicon used in that magazine. And, they don’t have the attention span required to read the whole article.
      That’s why they like Donald, a guy who can’t read anything that has “bigly” words.
      That is why you buy any lie that those guys at whatfinger tell you. You sheep don’t understand that you need to read a bunch of magazines and newspapers from different tendencies to get an idea of what is really going on.
      Do you even know what “journalism” is all about? Explain it if you can.

    2. @Sperup AD You trust YOUR sources and I trust MINE. My core is my Faith in God, and my values and principles all flow from that foundation. I have TRIED to “think” like a Communist, but I fail every time, LOL ♥

    3. @Ellen Peba Your religious and ideological differences are not the issue. The issue is that there are hegemonic differences and tRump is serving the interests of Vladimir Putin. It is the new Putin’s empire vs American democracy and tRump is the instrument used by Putin to destroy the essence of America.
      Think about that. 🤨🤨🤨🤨🗽

  2. Trump don’t even know, that the cameras police officers are wearing was implemented by president Obama.

    1. @Manuel Obama proposes body-worn cameras for police | PBS NewsHour…/nation/obama-proposes-body-worn-cameras-police
      2014-12-01 · WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama wants to see more police wearing cameras to help build trust between the public and police by recording events like the shooting death of unarmed…

      Obama Requests $263 Million for Police Body Cameras, Training
      Obama will also announce the creation of a new task force – led by Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey and former Office of Justice Programs AG Laurie Robinson – to prepare …

    2. @Altair IV So he was more about appeasing people and political popularity than being a real leader. Gotcha.

    3. @Claudette J I find it interesting how the replies here to my comment confirm that Democrats are no different than Republicans when it comes to justifying the failures of your own leader. By me merely asking a question about why Obama never acted on removing racist icons when he was in office Democrats such as yourself move straight into a tribal mentality and start assuming because I criticize Obama I must be a Trump supporter. I am not a Trump supporter, I think Trump is one of the most corrupted people to ever hold office but that doesn’t mean that I am going to give Obama a free pass either. Why don’t you start taking your own advice and start putting your country first instead of your political party.

    1. @KB Peters That’s 32 years. Brain tumor removed in 2010. Try using your fingers and toes when you add and subtract.😂

    2. @KB Peters and you say trump the turd speech fluently english. A budgie’s attention span is longer then Trump’s. He cant even speak in full sentences.

    3. @Pete one I have a better idea! Youtube search “trump can’t speak English”… They are HILARIOUS!!

    4. @Real AmericanI checked it out. Now you go browse through the comments on Biden’s speech an hour ago. Should give you an indication of his support or lack thereof.

  3. Trump: ” Lincoln did good, but it’s questionable as to how much Lincoln really did do for black people.”

    Black reporter: “Well, we are free Mr. President.”

    Trump: ” YOU’RE WHAT?!?!?!😲

    1. @Alisha Monique enslaved mentally by all parties. None of them are for us, we have to be for us, or there will be no change, ever!

    2. @까마 I have Scottish ancestry and was born in the Niagara Peninsula, Canada. Americans are getting what they deserve. Everyone gets what they deserve. President Trump didn’t get to be president by being incompetent. I’m sure he didn’t expect his world to change.

    3. @John Watt
      I will want to be able to make it better, he’s unconstitutional president of the United States,
      Do you know it?
      American President is not a leader!
      Words ” preside ” made words “President”,
      his faults? Hmmm…
      he always blame others,
      he don’t get reponse of himself.
      his wrong fault is to blame other,
      he is not pointing out what others do or say, but blaming others only.
      We know that it’s a *#RACISM*
      America fought against the racism, in World War II.
      A little old ago…
      One man blamed the Jews for the misfortune of the country and they’re a huge massacre.
      he always expressed himself against the backdrop of a flag that represented him.
      We’re looking at else like him, now.
      *It’s his faults, he lost all.*
      *Even if he’ll do anything or not.*
      he always say *” YOU’RE FIRED “*
      but it’s his own words.
      *his words always be back him.*
      because he don’t know that racism is to blame others,
      That is the Lives of human beings.

    4. Lincoln did not do a lot for coloured people. A few days ago someone asked the question of Black People
      “What is it that you want for yourselves ?” Is it not just s matter of a great deal of talking and genuine Integration. Not creating yet another community in another town or city It is no use trying to achieve it through the reactions to to major incidents.

    5. And that is a fact but who is working on a resolution. Not Trump -et that is to sure. He doesn’t work on anything!, He goes by whatever comes out of that hole in his face at the time. In true fanatical Dictator style he thinks that he was sent in to fix it all, His Way!!

  4. Since he’s been in office a lot of missed opportunities. Because he have no critical thinking. He does not have professionals surround him just yes people. He is a failure to the American people and embarrassing.

    1. @Jeannette Coleman He won’t find a thing on, the main source of alternative facts for Trump supporters.

  5. Trump’s insecurities are on a pathological level. So much so that he feels the need to attack and compete with dead people.

    Trump: ” I Personally freed more slaves than Lincoln and Harriet Tubman combined. I actually built the first underground railroad. I lot of people don’t know this but it’s true. It was a beautiful railroad… beautiful. I had my best people working on it. It was the first railroad built underground. It was tremendous.”

    1. Agreed..when he drinks water the pathology is abundantly evident.. He can’t even take a drink of water without being insecure about his appearance. Pathetic!

  6. t’rump is the absolute worst president you’d want at a time like this.
    Unless you’re a white supremacist. Or loved pandemics, that is. 😳

  7. Cariol Horne was wrongly fired.
    Tell Governor Cuomo, make it right, give her the pension she deserves after 19 yrs of service, saving a cuffed suspect from being murdered!
    No justice, no peace!

    1. I would like to thank mrs/miss Cariol Horne for her service as a true standup police woman that did the brave thing as a public service woman!! Saving lives of the people she took a oath to serve and protect and NY GOVERNOR SHOULD PAY HER FOR BEING WRONGLY FIRED, give her back pay and award her damages,as well give full retirement pay as she earned all the above and some!! As well the police commission should make a public apology and give her a award for great service and commitment for her service’s in policing!!! Nothing less and turn in his or her badge.. Shame on that so called police leader…

  8. Economy *destroyed.* 40 _million_ *unemployed.* 116,924 Americans *dead* from a virus. Food lines. Mass Protests. Tear gas. *Trump’s America is.*

    1. Trump’s America is a damned shame because it has all turned out so badly because of Trump’s poor leadership. Trump is in way over his pompadoured head.

    1. Yes. If you read the Executive Order he signed it essentially does nothing. It just restates or reinforces existing laws and regulations, makes vague statements and that’s about it. The language of the order is very sneaky, leaving certain crucial words undefined and leaving a whole lot of discretionary power in the hands of Bill Barr. It doesn’t address racism, racial bias or excessive force at all. As per usual, Trump lied about what the executive order did.

    1. Kathy ALL of our past presidents have a long history of LYING. It’s funny how the one who isn’t from the DC swamp gets labeled as being the most dishonest.

    2. @El Tigre Of course I mean lies that are easily proved as lies. I’m sorry for letting my emotions take over my fast typing.

    1. 😅😅😅😅🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣that devil got a lotta u can see as crystal clear as day tricks ain’t he with his lying azz.

    1. There’s a huge difference between of and off. Not your fault but please learn to spell, or at least learn how use spellcheck.

  9. Bunker king needs to go volunteer at food banks across the country.
    Millions are starving and lines are 4 miles long everywhere

    1. Trump is certainly the weakest POTUS because Trump was the least prepared to ever be a real leader. Trump’s poor judgement was exposed when he failed to act swiftly and decisively when the pandemic hit. Trump’s reticence to act until March was very costly to the US.


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