Sheryl Crow On Her Taylor Swift Controversy And Why She Thinks More Musicians Should Get Political 1

Sheryl Crow On Her Taylor Swift Controversy And Why She Thinks More Musicians Should Get Political


Nine-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow weighs in on why the media pitted her against Taylor Swift and why she says she's "incredible." This in-depth discussion is the newest installment of “Mavericks with Ari Melber,” a series of interviews with artists, musicians and cultural icons. Watch the full episode on

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    1. You poor poor triggered snowflake.

      Buck up Buttercup, you will have another chance to destroy American democracy in four years.

  1. The Entertainment Industry Has been babied!!! Those stars are not better than God. Of Mice and Money

  2. *If you are confused about this clip, you are not alone. It’s poorly worded, with a misleading title*

    In 2019, Sheryl Crow made a mild remark about Taylor Swift not owning the masters to her hit songs, saying, it’s how business is done. This is passively mentioned as “the controversy”, but they move on to a clip of Taylor, saying things of how OTHERS want her to behave, however doesn’t, and this turns into how women are presenting social issues in their songs, and challenges to women in the industry, which they both agree on.

    Bottom line: a horrible video clip. Very misleading, and confusing.

    1. I never heard this in the interview. Hearing voices? Maybe you should seek out a mental health facility. I say this with all sincerity, not sarcasm.

    1. Okay Boomer . Back to sleep . You have to work in the morning, Trump’s boots aren’t going to lick themselves.

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      And you Brihaspati Dattatreya display ignorance and prejudice, using computer technologies as a negative force to instil fear in others against the Yazidi People. SHAME ON YOU.

    3. @Radagast Brown Okay braindead, go brush up on your “Little Red Book”. Mao is watching from the fiery depths.

  3. I saw Sheryl warm up for the Stones years ago and she was terrific. I’d like to see her whole set.

  4. I live in a small town in Saskatchewan. Walmart has the shittiest album selection. For a musician like me that really sucks. The only thing I buy there is kitty litter.

  5. I might not agree with everyone. When I know an artist supports my side of a fight or political beliefs, it is easier to support them. When they fight against me or my beliefs, beloved songs can lose the emotional ties they once held. Same goes for corporations. I might love Chick-fil-A but I never plan on eating there again because of their politics.

  6. Chane the lyrics to Wal-Fart and resubmit. Buy records from a record store and everything else from a different Fart Mart.

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