1. What a bad deal Biden agreed to?!!!
      Brittney Griner committed criminal office even under American law. Why would one change her for dangerous Russian Intelligence Officer? The other two American guys that Russians keep, they are not guilty at all. They are just hostages. Shame, shame, shame to Biden and his advisors. America goes down with such a bad judgment of leadership.

    2. The issue is how politics and the right wing these days will call the administration weak if they did not secure a release. And when they do get a release they postulate it was a bad deal. Its a toxic viewpoint.

  1. Should have been no trade. Yes you want your citizens back but you do not give up a person like the merchant of death. Now if he does go back to selling guns which I sure he will, all that bloodshed will be on their hands.

    1. His contacts are likely compromised considering how much evidence they had on him not to mention what he had on hand.

    1. Not disagreeing with you, but she wasn’t completely wrong. It’s like saying “your meal options are eat it, or starve .” They only really had the one choice. It was either take what was offered, or nothing.

  2. Let’s be honest here. Someone violating a drug policy vs someone who deals weapons is a massive win for Putin.

    1. @Derek Snively what do you mean by that? Are you a racist who thinks everybody with a Russian/Slavic sounding name is a clown!?! You racist bigot!

  3. I don’t think anyone deserves to be in the Russian corrections system, but wasn’t she actually guilty? Like there isn’t debate on whether she had cannabis oil on here, correct? I know to most that doesn’t seem like a reason to be arrested, but in Russia, it is a crime. So, from my understanding, she went over with such products and was arrested, or do I have that wrong?

    1. @trevor I see that you’re apparently too dense to understand that 1g of oil is not equal to 1g of flower, which in itself invalidates any opinion you might have. Now shut your mouth until you get ANY form of education.

    2. You are correct but the Russian punishment for the amount she had is 15 days confinement, not 20 years, or whatever she got.

  4. I hope everyone standing up for Griner has the same energy when they are imprisoned in a foreign country and the USA won’t bring them back.

    1. I’ve seen Griner nude
      Brittney Griner Bares All for ‘Body Issue’
      I have no reason or proof to believe that this is a woman.
      It sounds, looks and marries like a male.

    2. @trevor You are conflating possession laws with import/smuggling laws. She was caught by customs, not by a beat cop. The law does care how much when it comes to Possession. Russian citizens are fined or jailed for 1-15 days for 6 grams of weed or 2 grams of hash. She had HASH OIL. Which in many countries is not the same as either. It’s a form of concentrate which is more potent so you need less of it to be charged. Literally every article says she was caught “in possession of”. When you are caught by customs of a foreign country with unclaimed narcotics, that is smuggling or importing which are both crimes with heavier sentences than possession in almost every country.

      Example. This is Canadian law, and it’s legal there. “Not declaring cannabis in your possession at the Canadian border is a serious criminal offence. You could be arrested and prosecuted.” How do you think that works in country’s where it’s illegal? Notice how they specifically say not declaring it in your possession?

  5. They never illegally incarcerated Griner. By her own statements she admitted breaking the law, and not just in Russia.

    1. Don’t be that thick. In countries like that, you have no right. They can make you say/do basically anything.

  6. Traded an international arms dealer menace to the world for just Griner, and didn’t even get their Marine back too.
    The incompetence and weakness is mind boggling and totally indefensible.

  7. “She’s an American” well, so is that other dude, but your administration didn’t ask for him to be released. he at least served his country, she only serves a ball on a court.

    1. @Donna M That is the question here. Is Grinder indoctrinated enough to stand or will she take a knee? She has the right to bite the hand that freed her but will she?

    2. @Manners Bananers She is known for taking a knee. All I’m asking is if she’ll still see the Stars and Stripes as the symbol of her oppression, or her saviour.

  8. Huge win for Putin 👍🏼. Let’s see if this woman basketball player protests when the anthem plays.

  9. It was 100% Guilty! They Swapped It for a guy nick named “The Merchant of Death!” I hope Griner sleeps well knowing what it took to get It back to a country It wouldn’t even stand for. Well a teacher is still rotting away for the same crime for the last 4 years. How about your Marine that has already been rotting for the last 4 years?

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