She's incarcerated in a men's prison facility. Why she's suing to be moved 1

She’s incarcerated in a men’s prison facility. Why she’s suing to be moved


Ashley Diamond, a transgender woman, has spent the last decade in and out of men's prisons in Georgia. Now, she's suing the Georgia Department of Corrections to be transferred to a women's facility.

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    1. @walker No but look at Trump stealing millions and politicians stealing millions, Police killing people and gang bangers shooting people and getting out in like 3 years. They get little or now jail and this person got 12 years.

    2. @X X they probably had many petty crimes in the past, but this last one they gave 12 years for that it is not right. The punishment should fit the crime not the history of the person. Although in violent crimes where a person attacks people randomly that should be taken into account.

    3. @B L this “chick” has a rap sheet a mile long genius. People are so stupid. That’s the nicest way I can put it

    1. @Todd B I can see that. I can see how CNN used to be more truthful. The CBC and BBC were probably cool at the start as well. But the people have woke up. The elite have taken them shits over bigly.

    2. @Chad Alpha Do you have a source for the full story? I can’t find anything official about it online.

    3. @Parasite Steve not really big fan….actually pretty nuetral on him……what about you?….personalities should influence you.

    1. 12 years for stealing a saw while black

      Attack the capitol 5 lives lost cops beaten with the American flag and smashed in doors and tazed cops hit with fire extinguishers guns found explosives found on government grounds while white
      No years in prison

      Gtfoh no wonder minority athletes take a knee or turn their backs on the flag i would too you can’t expect someone to stand for pure bullshit

    2. @Kriptz Whats Biden have to do with this? Are you too weak-minded to talk about the subject? Is being a parrot the only thing you can do?”

    3. @Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s no, not for just stealing a saw. Burglary, theft, other charges. The Burglary alone can get you 20 years in prison. No to mention the long rap sheet ot the fact he was also on probation. But yeah, what you said. Stealing a saw blade.

    4. He was released in 2015 and then violated his parole and was returned to prison in 2019. He definitely did not serve his time.

  1. Amber Guyger did not even get 12 years for what happened to Botham Jean. Yet some people believe there is no prejudice in the justice system?

    1. @Micha Davies , we? lol. the settlers created america with the help of slavery. the world is a beautiful place yet immigrants from all over the world come to america legally and illegally to live better lives. lol. and there’s no place in the world where a gun is not needed. even jolly old UK. you should be thanking america because if it wasnt for america, you would be speaking german. just because you go on vacation paid for by other people dont make you some renowned global intellect. stop showing off online and go feed your cat.

    2. Amber Guyers is coming out soon too & I know?, she will get her tax payer police pension. & Derik Chauvin when he comes out of jail too?, the racist malitia poliice is going to buy him a house, & throw him a big bag of money too.

      but a black gay man in Georgia?, get’s 12yrs for a saw that already paid for itself the minute it left the FACTORY FLOOR. this nation is still in SLAVERY RACIST TIMES. imagine when you die?, and you find the racist person that wrong you in heaven?,

      I’m not religious but that is my question?. what will you do if you find the racist person in heaven? that wronged you?, 🤷 I don’t think I”m going to sing KUMBAYA that’s why I always say this world?, is a racist trashy place colonizers get rewarded for being trashy. & if there is a GOD?, & the racist person that wronged you how will GOD SOLVED THAT PROBLEM?, when I die? I don’t want any of my memories erased so I kick a$$ all over heavens door blasting rock music & beating up my racist oppressors. LoL 😂

    3. @Kerrie Kupar

      Agreed I avoid the racist malitia conservative fascisms. I make them wait in long lines at work now. I spot a conservative deutch bag?, I make them wait for about 40 minutes, I take care of NORMAL AMERICANS.

      I don’t give fascism regime voters the ROYAL TREATMENT, always got some slimy as$ excuses, where were they when Kyle Rittenhouse doing white power signs & murders?. kid is out free chilin and have a problem with a BLACK MAN yes racist fascism regime voters they’re. don’t help them when you’re at work. I make them wait 2hrs.

      And when they try to yell at me?, I use my mace blind them & beat them with my trusty stick hit them good crack there skulls, the police shows up?! I say they got dangerous and throw a knife next to them. I don’t call police that’s there people’s but I will set them up, play the RACIST GAME they have been doing for racist centuries. LoL 😂

    4. ​@YouDoYouPlayer 🤷🙄👎

      Let me google it, I just got my answer, my white friends LAUGHED and said white people don’t do jail, it’s a place for black people. that’s 14 white people same response. You need to start working on that white lies you got. HAHAHAHAHA!!!. I love that I know white people that don’t go to jail especially 12yrs over a saw.

      love how you white washing & I know a racist talking point always pointing to GOOGLE. Google is not the POLICE DEPATMENT or the COURT HOUSE, I got a big massive piles of court records & jail time for white people? is 2- MONTHS IN JAIL most do only 1 week. SO SHUT UP!! AND SIT DOWN & stop talking about GOOGLE. they’re not the POLICE/COURT JUSTICE DEPARTMENT. LoL 🤣🙄

    1. Here’s a 3 minute video that explains it. It’s brain research that was conducted over 30 years ago that proves that transexuals are born the way that they are. The research that was conducted compared the brains of transwomen too that of biological men’s and women’s through disection. The results speak for themselves. Transwoman have the brain of female and sex organ of a male. They were born with a mismatch. Once they are on hormones and blockers they will no longer function sexually. It will shrink and cease to function. So being put in female prison is fine as long as she’s on her medication. Here’s the proof

    2. @Heather , garbage pseudoscience. this is a mental problem and it requires a mental solution, not surgical.

    3. @blqest It has to do with everything my guy. It’s all science fiction spit by the same people you maga voted for.. No such thing. Evidence free conspiracy.

  2. 12 years for stealing a saw… there are people who killed someone else and didn’t get that amount of time. Let’s remember Chauvin only got a few years more than she did. This country messed up.

    1. @Mravocado toast Someone on YouTube who is uninformed? Surprising. Let me inform you. Derek Chauvin was charged and sentence 15 to 22.5 years on one account of second degree unintentional murder, third degree murder, and a count of second degree manslaughter. You may not like the outcome but I am sure that mean you have something in common with Chauvin…and Floyd.

    2. @Kriptz Like racists are been used by Trump. Some of them today are in jail blaming Trump for their crimes.

  3. I’m just saying 12 years in prison for a stolen tool The prison system is seriously screwed up

    1. @Moon Princess Halation ridiculous > I have no reason to hate that person , don’t like the crimes she has committed when she hardly had to since she worked with Whitney Houston . Should have stuck with that and parlayed that into something else. How it works , hmm

    2. @Moon Princess Halation look up definitions . The lose thieves leave as well as murderers and rapist is much worse .

    3. @Moon Princess Halation Projecting, huh?
      “Everything is racist”
      “Everything is sexist”
      “Everything is xenophobic”
      “I’m not successful because cis white men hold me back”
      But yeah, it’s “Trumpists” who have a victim mentality…sure it is.

  4. Twelve years for stealing a saw, and you can commit white-collar crimes that steal people’s life savings and get nothing.

    1. @Lucia Osuji You might want to lookup New York Times retraction on that story. Had autopsy and concluded he had no blunt trauma.

    2. @shade38211 his death was still due to this riot tho. Stress can cause the heart to work harder, increase blood pressure, and increase sugar and fat levels in the blood. These things, in turn, can increase the risk of clots forming and travelling to the heart or brain, causing a heart attack or stroke. Imagine a bunch of people storming there way into the Capitol, this is not at all a normal day to day occurrence and is most likely the most stressful situation he’s had to undergo as a Capitol officer. Therefore, whether they beat him up or not, they are the reason he died.

  5. Maybe, just maybe, he/she should THINK, before she commits a crime, maybe get a JOB, to buy things he/she needs and wants.

    1. @Kriptz eventually people will realize that “Get Out” was Jordan Peele documenting what the left is doing to black men and women in this country. They are scared of free thinking black men and women in this country like Thomas So well, Justice Clearance Thomas, and Candace Owens.

    2. LOL, I’m sure god will get right on that because you said so.
      Your virtue signaling is the best I’ve seen all day.

  6. *Sentencing is based on ALL CHARGES not just the theft and what’s in the prior record if this was a repeated offenses or not. But of course CNN conveniently leaves out that part out so it can fit their Narrative.*

    1. If CNN is just “spinning a narrative”, would you mind listing ALL CHARGES for the whole class? I’ve yet to see anything in there that justifies anyone being put away for 10 years because all I can find for the original arrest is this “In 2011, Ashley’s boyfriend at the time convinced her to pawn a saw that he had stolen; she was charged with burglary and ultimately sent to prison on a ten-year sentence.”

    2. @Parasite Steve if you watched the video – you would know there were other charges. Why? Because they literally say “theft, burglary and other charges”. So this dude didn’t just get 12 years for pawning a saw. CNN failed to note that this clown likely got felony charges based on the theft total being over 500-1k depending on the state. So, the fact that cnn couldn’t comment on “other charges”, they were likely the more severe of the charges. So keep trying mate.

    3. The sentence should fit the crime not the if you got into a fight once, then drove without insurance once, public disturbance once, then you stole a piece of gum you should get 12 years?

    4. @B L So it shouldn’t matter if this was the 8th conviction of theft or not? Your Criminal history has alot to do with if you get 3 days or 3 years in jail. Again it was ALL the charges put together not just the theft by itself that made the sentence and like I said CNN has Conveniently left out if he she had a prior record or not.
      Obviously he she hasn’t learned any leasons from serving years of jail time because he she is where at again right now??? In Jail for other offenses.

  7. Look it’s not right but you must do everything you can to stay out of prison. You will definitely get abused in there. Do not steal it will get you in prison.

  8. So he’s a woman in a man’s prison????

    Hell I’m not a criminal but I’ll go to woman prison!!!

  9. You spent the last several years telling us that men are women and women are men… that There’s no difference. So there’s no such thing as a men’s prison or a women’s prison. So I don’t wanna hear it.
    Who cares.
    Just Don’t commit crime.
    Wasn’t no saw… guy had a rap sheet. Repeat offender. Recidivist criminal.

  10. apart from the absurd penalty, this is a guy who thinks he is a woman.
    this is illusion. nothing he does to his body, no mutilation will make him a woman. he is in the right prison.

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