Shielding Trump From Extradition If Indicted Is A Thing People Are Working On 1

Shielding Trump From Extradition If Indicted Is A Thing People Are Working On


Rachel Maddow shares reporting on the possibility that, if Donald Trump is indicted and a warrant is issued for his arrest, Ron DeSantis might find a way to prevent Trump from being extradited for prosecution.

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    1. @Kevin Bragg Obama was too young to be drafted. Fred Trump (the one whose cash propped up Dopey Donald) leased office space to the podiatrist that wrote the get-out-of-going-to-Vietnam-free note for the Draft Dodger-in-Chief. Disgusting. Dopey Donald badgered Obama for the birth certificate, let’s KINDLY ask Dopey Donald for proof of the bone spur removal (seems to get around fine on the golf course though, ramps are a bit of a problem) If you are unwilling to do so or wish to distract with personal attacks rather than addressing the facts (a page right out of Dopey Donald’s playbook) then YOU elected a DRAFT DODGER AS COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!! I am embarrassed for our country.

    2. Ann, He got something better than a doctors slip to get him out of trouble .He got high ranking republican politicians willing to break the law to shield him at all costs.Powerful people have been protecting him from the law for decades.

  1. Just have Trump receive the first annual man of the year award, with a award ceremony in New York, NY. Then arrest him there. You know he’d show up.

    1. @william wilson let’s see, jersey “shirt” of Summer home,,,,,, not sure what capital letter of the adj means, but onward and tally ho, please elaborate, am anxious to see who I get to revote for!

    2. better yet, tell him that New York found 200 thousand Trump votes dumped in a landfill… he’d be there will bells on!

  2. Aiding and abetting a criminal… Sounds like the gov of Florida needs to be locked up as well.

    1. @srgreeniii really? Then we got an entire western history to rewrite, TRUTHFULLY then.

    2. @Cas Litt And you should be arrested as well darlin’. Or perhaps extradite back to whichever european country your ancestor came from.

    3. @Alex Hamilton you do understand it’s the people you don’t agree with’s country to, right? or do you think you’re some sort of Duke of ‘MURICA?

    4. He made sure that the Covid-19 would be spread hardcore with open beaches and bars during spring break last year. He should be jailed just for that. And there’s several other things that he needs to answer for.

    1. @Briguy164
      Trust me, it won’t come to that. Its all talk from a bunch of clowns trying to act tough.
      I don’t hate guns, I just don’t need one to feel like a man. Unlike most of you gun lovers who can’t satisfy a woman because of your “shortcomings” I’m well equipped to handle the job.
      Finally, I was never coddled by the government. I go to work everyday so you could continue to receive your welfare checks paid for with my tax dollars

    2. @Debra Johnson leaders that didn’t lie to their people had far fewer deaths per person. They didn’t shut down and their economies didn’t falter.

      Trump’s lies are responsible for half a million deaths and are responsible for gullible suckers refusing to wear masks and get vaccines still today.

    3. @James Brock no TDS here, I know a con man loser when I see one . I can’t help it if you can’t

    4. Anyone can type on YouTube the following “Joe Biden mixes up Donald Trump with George Bush”.

  3. Oh Lordy, the idea of future generations learning about the Battle of Mara-Lago, where a criminally charged ex-president and his fanatical followers were taken down by an FBI raiding team would be golden. Also, a fun action movie!

    1. @M R they have the same lack of hair. Just different styles. But they both use paint. Seagal uses it to replace his hair, while Trump uses it because he thinks it will make him look more human(e).

    2. The FBI? I’m pretty sure that job, bringing fugitives to federal court, is what the US Marshall’s Service does.
      Can anyone clarify? I’m not an American.

    3. @J SMARTIN Trump uses his hair and the orange paint as distraction.
      Seagal … well, he’s now a Klingon who knows Putin!

  4. Great show Rachael. You are one of the most truthful and honest News Reporter on television. You keep it real and down to earth. I would personally like to say ; “Thank You”………..Keep up the fantastic work.

  5. I love the way she giggles as she tells the news!!! It is serious stuff but she makes it very human. She is one of my favorite anchors.

    1. @sal ortiz Yes, and better looking than any of the deranged old bags in your family.

    2. I really can’t believe so many people have no clue what’s going on. Watch Fox news not NBC, cbs, CNN they don’t know how to report the truth.

    3. throw trump in jail means we living in china commie land….ill start killing random libs at starbucks….this is all hypothetical juss like msnbc

  6. What’s done in the dark , shall and will come to the light! If you dig a ditch for someone u hate, you will end up falling in your own ditch!

  7. Saw it coming … I’ve long pictured him sharing a tiny apt near Chernobyl with Ed Snowden.
    Thanks Vladimir …

  8. Rachel I hope you know how much I appreciate you. Thank you for sharing your insights and your positive energy and especially your wonderful sense of humor

    1. @NCRailProductions The only thing evil are your thoughts just displayed. Rachel Maddow is a true professional, does her job, and gets paid pretty good doing so. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Another thing, she is on top of hers. I SAID IT. Lol

    2. @NCRailProductions – disgusting comment, train boy. Rachel, and most of the nation, are only looking for JUSTICE….nothing more. Yes, you have the right to your opinion but remember that when you opine, it tells the world who you really are.

  9. Then you’ll see a federal indictment with his organization’s assets frozen. The Secret Service/FBI will take him into custody.

  10. Maybe the fugitive slave is still on the books. It would be great if New York could turn it on Florida and obligate them to help law enforcement retrieve this fugitive.

    1. rumcookie12
      maybe the fugitive brain on the run from your head might get retrieved with shock treatment

  11. “Until Republicans return to reality and become responsible, they should not be trusted with power again.”
    That’s been obvious for some time, the same warning others like me have been advocating, but it’s good that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is amplifying that message. More Americans need to understand this.

  12. If this country can watch this take place. It was the plan all along. Desantis fixed covid records and arrested the person that whistleblew. Smh. All these crooks should be held accountable.

  13. I’ve learned to only expect disappointment when it comes to the pumpkin, so I will lower my hopes until his clothes match his face

  14. I”I’ve had this physically cut out and tacked up on my bookshelf” just when I thought she couldn’t be any more perfect

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