Shipping Vaccine Doses To Directly To Pharmacies ‘Will Open Up An Incredible Opportunity’


  1. Trump, “It is what it is.”
    Also Trump, “There’s nothing we can do.”
    Biden, “Hold my aviators.”

  2. Here in the UK we are giving the vaccine in pharmacies as well as other places. My mum just as her vaccine in out local pharmacy.

  3. The logistics and shipping should have been the same as the flu vaccine that’s been done for years, there was no reason doctors offices, Walgreens, wallmart ,pharmacy’s and anyplace that gives the flu shot couldn’t give the vaccine and it’s working in Florida, In Florida where they used that model and have given more vaccines than any state it shows it worked , they have been the most successful in distributing the vaccine and people from other states have been going there from other states to get it because they haven’t been able to get it in places like new York, California and other states , they have allowed there businesses and schools to be open and show that they have lower rates of infection then places with lockdowns and have been wrecking lives and businesses for no reason .

    1. @David Lee it’s all true and if it’s not quit coming to Florida from out of state to get the vaccine because it’s working here and should have been a model for the the nation, the Demotards can’t figure anything out since taking over and were given everything they needed to succeed just improve the distribution that was in place when they took over after trump got the vaccine done in record time and 5 million doses given out faster then any one ever bought possible , thanks to warp speed.

    2. The limited production facilities and cold chain required have made the Covid19 vaccine different from widely produce flu vaccine. We have need federal coordination rather than the let the states figure it out approach taken by the last administration.

    3. @Katie Hettinger you mean states that refused it like new York then complained they weren’t going to get it or California who after getting it said they thought it was coming in powder form , I mean the federal govt just getting a vaccine in 9 months was a miracle and states had plenty of time to make a plan ., I have seen state and local govts do a much better job without federal interference,especially once it’s at there distribution sites. Currently there are several states currently doing a great job with what they are getting without federal assistance,

    1. @The Tweatles You have something against moderate Democrats and Independents? We all know that Republicans are too delusional to do anything as sensible as get vaccinated for a deadly virus.

  4. Trumpism is American fascism. Trump and his enablers in the GOP should be held accountable. Justice must be done in order to preserve our Constitutional Republic.

  5. The Walgreens in my hood can’t even keep milk from being out of date. How they gonna handle all these vaccines? 🤔

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