Shocking New Allegations About How Matt Gaetz Used Campaign Funds

Shocking New Allegations About How Matt Gaetz Used Campaign Funds 1


    1. @Lord Solar indeed. The reality of indoctrination. Self rightiousness and pride are tools of evil

    2. They are taking the country with them…. it’s funny watching someone else’s house burn, not your own.

    3. I’m waiting for the news of Gaetz being indicted so I can pop some bottles of champagne.🍾🍾

    1. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year Just pointing out facts my guy. Must be tough for you tho.. Looking up on someone as a messiah ; just to see him take an L.. Its ok my friend. Everything will be fine. I should recommend watching this fictional documentary called “2024 World after Trump” on amazon to help you cope.. Can pretend its 2024 and he just served his 2nd term. Hopefully, that’ll help you out a bit. No need to thank me though ; just being a good American neighbor..🙏

    2. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year Thats cool.. But, just think about what I said… Help you cope with that problem. Just remember ; Everything will be ok..🙏

  1. The most important thing we can do in this country is to keep GYM Jordan and Matt Gaetz away from our children.

    1. Unless you support the republicans. They gladly send their baby girls to them no questions asked. 😂

  2. Gatez needs to be arrested and tried for human trafficking of a minor. He needs to resign from Congress.

    1. What minor. There is none zero. The most photographed politician not one picture zero. No girl came forward even with though she would be rich If she did. None. Zero. Fact. Dems are gullible. Only witness is a convicted drug addict known liar wants less time.

    2. @Charles Martin people actually believe. Media made up crime. Vs hunter. Biden. That had photos. And a laptop. If girls on it that he admitted is his. Not a Russian laptop. Zero women have vibe toward against goetz. Zero no pictures. Even though they would be rich. Super rich if they came forward. None zero women. Ha e vibe forward only. Greernburg

  3. Bet this wipes the smirk off that little punk’s face. As a Floridian who knows this guy through others that know him well, he’s worse than you can even imagine.

    1. Do you actually believe someone seconds at Matt Gaetz will not start snitching in order to get a lesser sentence?
      She deserves everything that’s coming to him but he is a low-level guy who can give up higher level people

    2. @Timothy Davis Look at photos of a young Richard Nixon. The resemblance is quite startling. And yes you are quite correct.

  4. In my jobs I could be called in for a random drug test. I’d get fired on the spot if I tested positive for any narcotic. All government officials should have public tests done at random. The government enacted the War On Drugs.

    1. @hpqz hpqz jeez! The dude looked like a meth head in the process of turning into a lizard!!! 😱

    2. At one time the gop pushed for drug test for welfare and unemployment benefits. Karma is cool.

  5. Let this to be a lesson to us: just because you’ve abused a kid together doesn’t mean you’re ride or die. Also a lot of ride or die-ers end up dead.

  6. Geatz will go down and he knows it and I wouldn’t be surprised if “Mr. Maro Lago” is somehow involved in this since he’s a lover of young beauties !!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    1. Possibly.
      They’ve reported GOP power brokers and prominent Republicans attended the same parties as Gaetz.

    2. @B. T. Donnie doesn’t really do parties though, and I can’t quite see him being involved with Gaetz’ crew, though I guess anything’s possible in this Florida circle. One good thing, if there are a lot of convictions it might make Florida turn blue!

  7. I started reading the headline. “Shocking New Allegations About How Matt Gaetz Used …” and I sent my kid out of the room. Family values.

    1. You aught to let them see what kind of people are out there. Instead of hiding it from them. You’re setting them up for ignorance and one day they’ll get taken advantage of. Bad dad

  8. And Matt Gaetz Had The Nerves To Bring Up Hunter Biden Drugs Habit ! 🤔 That’s What You Called The Pot Calling The Kettle Black 🤔

  9. If a regular person did anything like this, they would be locked up immediately. This country is corrupt

    1. All of these politicians that are getting away with is appalling. Everyday people get thrown in jail for any and all of their crimes!!!

    2. @sonja tafoya The politicians get away with it for a good reason.

      Judges getting back handers from the private prison system.

      If politicians started going down then reform would happen and those judges would lose money.

    3. @tsw 1114 and that is the definition of corruption. spending money to keep out of jail.Justice should be above the money, same for Trump. In America rich people make their own rules.

  10. Worse for him better for the American taxpayers.
    The thought of passing around these girls is sickening.

    1. I just hope it wasn’t going on during the pandemic. Must have light drug law’s in Florida.

    1. They’ve lost their minds as a party. It has been going this way since the 90’s. Now the crazy is on steroids.

  11. Gaetz and the rest of the men involved in this disgusting behaviour need to be in prison!

  12. Wait…What? Hookers and cocaine can’t be counted as campaign expenses?
    I’m shocked. Simply shocked.

  13. Oh this is sooooo yummy. What a week! Gatez is going down, trump is going down, margery is clout chasin and finally completely taken as a lunatic!!! Oh man I love it! And I’m here for it

  14. Funny how the people who are calling Biden “PedophileJoe” WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE are now all of a sudden very quiet…

    1. Give them time to regroup, they need their talking points to troll/spam the comment sections with

  15. The Qanon phony “save the children” folks have been real quiet since this dropped. It’s almost like they never actually cared about saving kids from trafficking and just wanted to posture themselves to virtue signal when in reality, everyone knows they have no virtues.

    1. What’s hilarious is the founder of 8 Chan, which is where the Q posts were started had 25 pedophile domain names. 8chan was a known pedophile site it’s just incredible you can’t make this up it’s beyond surreal. it has since been shut down. And these freaks fell for it

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