Shocking video shows moment kidnapped Americans were loaded into pickup truck

The two Americans who authorities say were kidnapped in Mexico and found dead have been identified as Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown, a US official familiar with the ongoing investigation tells CNN. The two survivors have been identified as Latavia Washington McGee and Eric Williams, according to the source. CNN's Jake Tapper discusses this further with Rosa Flores, Josh Campbell, and Gustavo Valdés. #CNN #News


    1. @Vicky P they were all held responsible or killed themselves, what more can be done? what about the kids living in poverty and being killed daily in chicago? new york? detroit? baltimore? etc

  1. Condolences to those families
    Who lost their loved ones, u.s citizen should stay away from Mexico

    1. 🤔 total ignorance!
      2022 ,2023 the most visited country in the world.Just the State Quintana Roo ,Cancun 30 million turist last year from all over the world 🌎🌍.
      Mexico is not the size of Louisiana or Florida, it’s 762 thousand SQ miles (2 million sq km), 32 States,130 million people.
      Just from Tijuana to Cancun is a 53 hrs driving.So ,When you say Mexico it’s not all Mexico with those problems plus media is so sensationalist. Go to Monterrey,Mexico City,Cancun ,Puerto Vallarta etc and is not like the US Media Shows it.

  2. Terrible people need to go to Mexico with caution it was said they were confused for Haitian Cartel members that were being sought after many condolences for the family 😔😢💔🙏🕯️🕊️💐✝️

  3. Bless these victims and their families. Hopefully, that is hopefully the perpetrators will be found. The two that were killed, praying for the families.

    1. @Evan Hughes sure you and I wouldn’t do it, but those people don’t have the $, so they have to do what is necessary. There are risks and many come back to the states just fine safety and health wise.This group unfortunately didn’t.
      My point is that the cost of surgery or health care in the states is why people are going to Mexico

  4. These evens will haunt that woman for the rest of her life . Omg I can’t imagine the nightmares going on in her head .

    1. @Ross Kneebone Someone said that health care in the US was so bad, these people had to go to mexico. I’m against all cosmetic surgery, but the US has some of the best, if you can pay for the good doctors. Somehow, my comment got inserted into a comment I didn’t even read. Bottom line, I’m against all of it.

  5. What a nightmare for those 4…I’m sorry for your loss’, and hope the other two will heal and be okay…

    1. They may heal, but they will never be ok. Imagine going true this horrific ordeal. You will *never* be ok. 🥺😭

    2. Will Democrats be held accountable now, litigation? For the lack of security on the border? Accountability is a must.

    3. ​@Save 🇺🇸 What part of this taking place IN ANOTHER COUNTRY don’t you comprehend? It has ZERO to do with border security yet you get your jollies off turning a comment of condolences into a fricken invalid political rant. were you not raised with any morals & to have empathy for those in mourning?

    4. ​@1970Mom_52 using that “what about blah blah don’t you understand” is so old and a tiring phase that burned out years ago.

    1. They went there (supposedly) for an elective , cosmetic procedure, not cancer treatment or heart surgery.

  6. I mean, getting a full 3-appointment Root canal treatment with Crown included for under $200 at a fancy Mexican Clinic is unmatched.
    As long as you avoid those “No travel” States and plan your route in detail to NEVER enter “Colonias” in safer States you should be fine.

    1. That’s much less than I spent here in the US using my dental insurance, but still not worth risking my life over.

    2. @TheoTheLeo For some people who need life-saving procedures ironically it might be the gamble they have to take or living the rest of their life’s after the same procedure in the US stressed by debt.
      Many cities are pretty safe and they put a lot of effort in keeping them that way because it is their life line.
      Matamoros has been an extraordinarily dangerous city for over 2 decades. You can get killed by Cartels if you sorta look like a member of a rival gang, in this case 4 black persons, 3 of them men looked too much like gun/money/product “passers” to them.
      And if you don’t get gunned by them, there’s the Army, who for the same reasons might force you to stop your vehicle for a check, and if the driver panics and takes off they’ll extra judicially execute all aboard; happened last week to a group of friends, 1 American among them, he was visiting relatives not a Medical tourist.

    3. @erdvilla That’s horrible! I had no idea the army would do such a thing. I’m really sorry that that happened to your friends.

  7. I think we have seen a lot of these bad news about some areas in Mexico, just don’t go there, cheap medical procedure cost their lives turned into hell 😢 terrible

  8. Shaquella Robinson was from North Carolina too. It seems that her case has been swept under the rug.

  9. For decades, Matamoros has always had trouble with the Cartels. My mom still has family over there. When they hear gun shots, they are hiding underneath the cars and behind buildings. Usually they are two groups of Cartels shooting each other claiming territory. For years, we have gone to matamoros because my dad knew where to drive. When a person goes to Mexico, your just taking a chance of not getting kidnapped and killed. My moms family finish their errands during the day, work and are home by 7:00 p.m.. 7:00 p.m. is the curfew. It has been years that I stopped traveling to Matamoros, Mx. Please be safe traveling to Mexico if you go.

    1. Remember the Santaria killings o/s Matamoros? 2 or 3 decades ago. Nabbing spring break kids. It was crazy.

  10. I know I’m dreaming, but it would be nice if the survivor seeking the medical procedure in Mexico were given exactly that, where she now sits, as a way to show support and help her literally heal. 🙏

    1. We dont know if that is really why they were there. Especially 4 people. Sounds more like a drug deal gone bad.

  11. Praying for everyone affected by this horrible tragedy. If there’s anything that we can take away from this tragic situation as well as countless others throughout the years is that we need to put our safety before anything.. it’s not safe for Mexicans in Mexico 🇲🇽 so why would we think it’s going to be different for us? It’s not worth the risk of saving a couple dollars if we may have to pay for it with our own lives.

  12. My uncle has been missing for a year and a half and the Mexican authorities and the prosecutor’s office do not support anything 😞😞😢😢

    1. Let be a lesson to the American public. Never vote Democrat or Rino. Vote Republican. It’s not rocket science by now.

  13. I spoke to two patients in a hospital in NY. One was an American, stressed to the max about your outlandish hospital bill and how destructive it was to her life. The other patient had been sent to the hospital from her home of Canada for a special procedure. She was so chill. I asked her if she was stressed by her medical bill. Her response was “What medical bill? This is all being covered by our National Health Plan! ” Not only did it cover her hospital costs, but she was put up in a hotel for a week until she had sufficiently recovered enough to return home to Canada. This is the difference between the US and humane countries!

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