'Shocks The Conscience': Rep. Crist On Rep. Taylor Greene Controversy | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

‘Shocks The Conscience’: Rep. Crist On Rep. Taylor Greene Controversy | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Rep. Charlie Crist, D-Fla., weighs in on GOP support for controversial Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Rep. Crist also discusses the need to defend law enforcement. Aired on 02/05/2021.
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'Shocks The Conscience': Rep. Crist On Rep. Taylor Greene Controversy | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. It is so sad that members of the party need to “display courage”in order to do what is morally right.

    1. It’s sad that they need to, but sadly that’s where we are with the fascist far right sending death threats to their own members and threatening to strip them of their leadership if they dare to criticise Trump.

    2. @Alli P Currently I’m finding my majestic voice. May I circle back to you when I’m bravely walking in my panoramic and courageous truth, but before I strongly and independently embrace my noble and empowered authenticity in celebration of my self-actualization?

  2. I was appointed to sit on a committee under Rep. Crist in Tampa Florida and it was such an honor. LoveLove

    1. Psychopaths always love another psychopath. Not that you are telling the truth to begin with but you seem to be so desperate for attention that you climb aboard the crazy train because you are a pathetic individual and clearly are not even remotely a decent person. I’m sure everyone in your real life is ashamed of knowing you

    2. @Heather Melissa – WOW!!! This is one of the best examples of ‘Psychological Projection’ that I have ever seen or heard!! “You seem to be so desperate for attention” and “you are a pathetic individual and clearly are not even remotely a decent person” and “I’m sure everyone in your real life is ashamed of knowing you”. I feel sad for you Heather, I really do – someone in your life must have really messed you around…..

  3. How can lawmakers be so loyal to a man who lost both of his elections, the second one by EIGHT MILLION VOTES?

    1. @The Truth Is Out 777 dude, your whole world is crashing down. Qanon’s predictions didn’t come true. Trump lost and now all the right wing propaganda is finally being sued. Yup, you’re totally triggered. But there’s good news. Anger is the first step on the road to acceptance

    2. It’s not so much they’re loyal, it’s more they are trying to curry favour with drump’s brain washed cult for their votes.

  4. Now think about this for a moment! If some disgruntled employee at the Post Office had of made that post which Mr. Hoyer had shown MTG holding that rifle and the 3 Congresswomen would they still be working at the Post Office?

    1. Perhaps the post office is a bit more sensitive about disgruntled workers. There is a reason, that shooting up your workplace, is known as going postal.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Are you defending MTG? Because I used the post office as an example! I could use it in some other scenarios if you like?

    1. I agree they should have some degrees, at least in law and constitution absolutely. Secondly, maybe at least one psych test as part of their leaving university or college, but only Every five or six years after that and only made public if it’s near the batty level because tests and results can be made political weapons against opponents that don’t deserve restriction.

    2. @Mark Feland degrees are good tho in holding them accountable as to their awareness of what’s legal constitutionally wise. They can’t say “oh I didn’t know that was unconstitutional. But Josh always says things that are unconstitutional anyways. He said in Congress was where the election fraud should be investigated. That’s not their job. That’s each State’s and the Justice Dept job and they all already did their job. He was usurping and rejecting the work they already did. Sorry for the many words.

    3. @Simillogically Speaking I think it’s more important to have a better informed electorate, dispelling the misinformation and propaganda

    4. Psyche test.
      One that question/ emphasis on the moral turpitude of an individual.
      Certainly would have helped in the last 4 years.

    5. @Mark Feland you are correct, though i suspect there would be even more who reject this ridiculous system in its entirety. what can you do with a structure whose foundation was never all that solid to start with?

  5. Republicans forgotten long ago that they took an Oath NOT to the former president but to the CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!! GTTFO!!!

    1. The Republicans were not strong enough to do what was best for the country or their party. They left it up to the Democrats
      If she does something crazy in the future the entire Republican party will take the blame

    1. Especially threatening him by saying she carries a gun after all he had been through. And she wonders why he wouldn’t respond! Who responds to b lunatic who admits she is carrying a gun?

  6. I used to think the abbreviation Rep. was short for “Republican” … I’m now beginning to think it’s short for “Reptile”. So many of these people are in dire need of a “check-up from the neck up!!”

    1. It was already in the coffin when they elected Ronnie Raygun.
      And they’ve just gotten consecutively worse with each farce of a president, ever since.
      I guess it’s fitting that another crappy B tv actor is hammering the last nails in that coffin.

  7. Republicans lost all the respect from the rest of the world…and they consider themselves above any 3rd world country

  8. It’s not rhetoric. It’s what the core GOPI believes and wants. Greene is nuts, yes, but she represents the GOP perfectly.

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