Shontel Brown Wins Ohio Democratic Primary For House Seat

Democrat Shontel Brown won a special election primary Tuesday in Ohio’s 11th Congressional District. Brown joins Morning Joe to discuss the primary and her win against former state senator Nina Turner.

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Shontel Brown Wins Ohio Democratic Primary For House Seat


  1. So democrats wants to change the American society by being republican light?
    What about presenting new progressive policies and programs?

    1. @jrad410,
      The child tax credit is only temporary. Hopefully, they’ll put up a real fight (rather than a play fight) to make it permanent.

    2. So in other words, you’re all for destroying our Republic and going communism/Marxism. Go live in Venezuela for awhile and see how progressive they are. You should love it there.

    3. Stop equating a classic, normal Democrat with Republicans. Your ideas are the outliers, not this candidate’s.

    4. @GreenKrickett that’s not true. Boomers who are still in power since the 70’s won’t allow it. If we get money out of politics you would see what Americans want. You are seeing what corporate America wants in congress

    5. @Ms. Speak Tha Truth Corp Dems are right wing just comparing them to the UK or even Australia. They want money that’s it. We elect them to get free money and work for corporations making even more millions. That’s why we need money out of politics immediately. They don’t work for the people or by the people. If that happened all the scum would quit government and we could actually have government that works for US

    1. That’s why republicans and democrats gave her money. It makes me sick. She is being investigated for campaign finance violations. Millions to her boyfriend. I am so sick of this system. Money out of politics now or I say it’s time for a progressive revolution

    2. @Hyperdrive E when Hillary Clinton and Trumps backers fund her how do you think that will work ???!!!!

  2. Can you guys please be consistent with Youtube postings. Sometimes show is pisted, sometimes not.

  3. She is saying all of the right things, things I want to hear a politician say. As she goes along, she’ll get to a place where it’s not so much canned response, though I think that can be attributed to the many speeches and interviews she’s had.

    For now I think she has an amazing future ahead of her — she’s exactly what our society needs.

    1. Good thing she won’t be representing the working class. Brown is going to serve the corporations and her billionaire donors. Yippee

    2. @PRIMPRIM it’s sad because Cleveland has the chance to be a nice city again. If it was Detroit or Gary Indiana I’d just say forget about it

    3. @PRIMPRIM it’s kind of disappointing that you feel that way. Shontel is from Cleveland and she will now get national recognition. Enough for her to have a base of her own to fund her campaign. No corporations needed

  4. They argue that Nina rejects the idea that democrats get more done when they cooperate with Republicans but skip over the fact that Mitch McConnell pushed a strategy of blocking ALL democratic legislation for the eight years when Obama was president to the point that we couldn’t even pass a budget without going through a government shut down first, year after year for nearly a decade.

  5. Once again, the establishment has chosen their candidate…🙄 We got to get the money out of politics…the ONLY reason she won is because establishment politicians and organizations threw that money at her….

  6. Who voted for this woman? Someone who clearly watches too much TV and believes every negative add they encounter instead of doing any actually research into the issues. That’s who.

  7. When they introduced Shantel Brown they didn’t tell you that Republicans donor’s back Brown like Robert Kraft owner of the New England Patriots. The Democrats Jewish Federation. And the ethics investigation giving her boyfriend a 17 million contract. Bill Crystal a Republican pundit got Republicans to vote in a open Democratic primary.

  8. Should Nina’s camp demand a recount, then a 4 month audit of the ballots all the while suggesting her supporters ‘take back democracy’? 😂

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