‘Shook me profoundly’: Michelle Obama shares thoughts on Trump 2016 win

Juana Summers, co-host of NPR's All Things Considered, joins "CNN This Morning" to discuss her interview with former first lady Michelle Obama. #CNN #News


    1. @Indiana Public Land The last truly good president this country had was Eisenhower and that’s been a little while. We need to stop putting these people in office they are going to bankrupt us all.

    2. @RealmCenter40 Agreed its sad the best we can come up with is a Con Man election denier and a geriatric life long politician.

    3. @Indiana Public Land Common sense and logic left the building a couple decades ago. All decisions are made in an attempt to find some form of emotional satisfaction, consequences be damned now.
      It’s almost like raising the last two generations to think they can be or have anything they want by just wishing upon a star hard enough and passing out participation trophies was a bad idea. Everyone is so narcissistic now they want attention by any means necessary. We have a country full of bipedal political billboards that have absolutely no idea what they are talking about in all reality but at least they are getting some form of attention they so desperately crave.

    4. @Indiana Public Land Election denial was started by the Democrats after Trump beat Hillary. How quickly we get brainwashed into forgetting all of the crying about the electoral college and we even had to do a big recount, which gave Trump even more votes, which was hilarious.

  1. It shook the hell out of me too…thank you Michelle for saying it. To go from Barack to be this monster was unfathomable. I still can’t believe he was elected President. Barack campaigned so passionately for Hilary and this nightmare happened. .. hopefully we can recover

    1. @Anti Hypocrisy They already have. The Democratic party is the new Republican Party. They support war, support higher taxes from citizens, use politics to make themselves rich by brainwashing people into believing they are the good guys. I don’t see any difference between Clinton, Bush, Obama or Biden.

    2. @Miki van Duyn The only people projecting a red wave was the Liberal media. Fox News, an extremely conservatively bias news station was reporting a close race. NOBODY else was expecting a red wave.

  2. I feel like there was something Trump said to Mel during the swearing in that caused tears. Obamas witnessed it & comforted her.

  3. How I wish Michelle would run for President. It would be fitting that she be the first Female President of the USA. But, I think she is really smart enough not to consider it! Oh well, I can only hope….

    1. She never would. She withstood so much hate. I don’t think she’d put her children through that.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with Michelle Obama! I was in shock from the moment Trump stepped into the presidential election arena. Exactly what kind of man he was, was worn on his sleeves for all to see, no secrets! He knew he wasn’t qualified for the job, he threw his hat into the ring for attention, for the side benefits and souvenirs, should he per- chance win. I thought, never in a million years.. would he actually fly. But he did, and still is. Free as a bird.

    1. @Doug 37 million people without healthcare. 2.5 million kids in poverty. 500,000 plus homeless, workers wages at fed level stagnant for 40 years. Billions and billions and billions and billions and billions and billions to useless war, 85 billion to corrupt Ukraine for proxy war, cashless bail, no codify R v W as promised for 30 years. I can go on and on. The black Wall Street bandit (Obama) bailed out corrupt banks. I can go on and on.
      Thanks politicians! One party rule! The DONOR OLIGARCH party.

    2. Don’t you just love to watch pdf file thin blue line thugs doing the walk of shame because they do not _know the Constitution?_

  5. Thank you, Michelle, for your yes decision. You gave us 8 years of the most positive hopeful and forward thinking national leadership that we have had since John F Kennedy. Unfortunately, I can’t give that endorsement to Bill Clinton because of the way Republicans hated him. I’m still trying to figure that out.

  6. Her first book was amazing and no doubt this book will be enlightening and a guiding light!! Thank GOD for PRESIDENT OBAMA ad his amazing “FINE” wife FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA!! We love this family and we miss them so much. We will LOVE them forever more!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I cried the day after because I knew civil rights were being taken away and democracy was at risk as soon as Trump was elected.

  8. LOL! I have gone from loving Michelle Obama to loving her more. I can totally relate to the person she is and the experiences she has had even though our paths are not at all the same. She is a professional, intelligent woman who also happens to be a mother and a wife. She is vulnerable, she is real and she is finding her way as many others are. It is inspiring to watch.

  9. Imagine the world we could all live in if only our leaders, our captains of industry, the holders of power, were of the same caliber as Michelle Obama. It remains a failure of our systems that only the power hungry make it to the top 😢

  10. I think freedom-loving people who value the rule of law definitely would agree with Ms. Obama. She talks sensibly.

  11. There are 2 First Lady’s that stand out in American History! The first is Jacqueline Kennedy, and Michelle Obama. I have had the privilege of living during both of these iconic, fascinating First Ladies! The best President we could have now, is Michelle Obama! 🤞🙏

  12. Michelle Obama was the best First Lady in my lifetime. I’m 63. It breaks my heart to know we went from the hope and growth brought by the Obamas. To the antithesis of all that is good and positive brought by Trump.

  13. I respect and admire Michelle Obama as a woman, a mother, a daughter and a First Lady. She is the real deal and a role model to us all.

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