Shoot to Kill, Do Not Miss Backtrack | Information Minister has No Information – Sept 21 2022

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  1. Too bad if someone have to tell Officers how to defend themselves. A shoot out is a shoot out. Defend yourselves by any means necessary.

  2. I am not Jamaican but live in Jamaica I don’t see why the minister have to make any apology for what he said I totally agree with what he said

  3. Yu no bow down to pure pressure man,

    Tell dem directly headshot make shore dem dead shoot to kill yes big bold

    Yu draw back like a little pussycat

  4. You have nothing to apologize about ….don’t bow to pressure from wokevists ……human rights groups don’t have Jamaica interest at heart

  5. He said what he said and despite the backtracking, he meant it. And he was right the first time. Go for headshots, lungs, hear, kidneys. Anything that will do the most damage. Put them down like the rabid dogs they are. Human rights lobbyist are not a defense force. They cannot save a single life that these gunmen are snuffing.

  6. Minister you don’t has to apologize to the old tried pnp dem, so what is it pnp it should be another way around? Hear this pnp man, about lost. These so call pnp reporters are a t….. to the country. And?that is what tvj and pnp.

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