Shooting in St. Mary | Remove Pre-Charge Bail – JFJ | TVJ Midday News – Dec 2 2022


  1. All this political bickering. Even children in kindergarten know and behave better. Hello to both parties, the goal is to develop the economy: health, education, wealth etc., and decrease the crime rate. Hello to both parties again, people living in glass house should not throw stones.” Team work is essential

  2. The JFJ individual need someone on bail to rob her..Then let us hear how she respond to that pre-charge bail act. Pure politics

  3. A person should be charged by the police before there are any kind of bail! How can a country set bail on a person that is not charged with a crime? That is so ridiculous! When did they put that into the Jamaican laws?

    1. Presently, the police can’t demand bail payments without a criminal charge….. The police can detain without a charge….. Once the suspect has been charged the suspect has to pay station bail if the charges were made by the senior superintendent of police or its deputy….. If the charges were made by the court through a court order bail can be granted or denied….. This also applies to juveniles in adult jail cells NOT juvenile penitentiary.

  4. 1:58 How can you detain a suspect and demand them to pay bail when they were not charged for a crime which also includes the detention of juveniles.

  5. great that they look into this pre-charge stuff because law suit would’ve been hitting the government left right and center knowing they won’t be able to pay it for abuse of power

  6. How comes I don’t see these JFJ people when innocent people are being massacred? Like who do they represent really?

  7. All of you are confused and confusing and causing conflicts of interest in implementing and enforcing proper law enforcement. If charged no bail. too much man walking round under murder or whatever charge but on bail with reporting every Friday or Monday so human right is of interest but loves lost is also should be priority

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