Shooting on Brooklyn subway injures multiple, gunman still at large | USA TODAY

Five people are in critical condition after a gunman opened fire on a Brooklyn subway train during a busy Tuesday morning commute.

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Police are searching for a gunman after at least 10 people were shot on a Brooklyn subway train, causing panic early Tuesday. The shooting occurred before 8:30 a.m. on a Manhattan-bound N train in Brookyn's Sunset Park neighborhood, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said at a news conference.

The train was waiting to enter the 36th Street station when a man put on a gas mask and opened a canister before the train began filling up with smoke and the man began firing, Sewell said. The shooter, whom Sewell described as a Black male with a heavy build, was wearing a green construction vest and a gray sweatshirt, she said.

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    1. Slowly? All started with the “summer of love.” The suspension of law and order there happened very quickly.

    1. just an fyi for anyone seeing this, if this conversation angers you, theres no reason to reply. we dont have time in our lives to be angry at people on the internet or anyone in general, just save your words.

  1. How tf did he get out of the train without anyone noticing or going after him, this reminds me of the Las Vegas shooting, FBI informants covering up what actually happen, when the circumstances always go against there theory’s.

    1. @mAdara_uch_iha that’s irrelevant, I wouldn’t have known if he dropped it lmao, no matter what, no rational person, unless they have some background in law enforcement, is going after an armed dude.

  2. Someone said that the shooter is a black gentleman.

    …. I doubt if he really is a gentleman though.

  3. The Governor, just say NO to violence. Shooters, rapist, robbers, murders getting no bail. You broke the system with your pro-criminal stances from the City to the State.

  4. What made it worse was that they tried to escape by going to the door into the next car but the door was locked.

    1. The gunman was actually at the door shooting at them, they were not heading that direction for sure!

  5. These are like the most calmest group of people ever like I was expecting very loud screaming and very fast running.

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