1. @I’ll Report Back In a bit. ig he’s smart when he recorded live and shot all of those people 🤷🏾‍♂️

  1. We’re literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step foot outside the comfort of our homes! Can’t even go for a damn jog man! Like WTF man are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. So sad for the victims and their families…… was the suspect black?🧏🏻‍♂️
    Media don’t want to push that do they?!

    1. @J. Daniels lol your people have no clue what’s coming, day by day more of my people awaken to reality. You’re screwed boy

    1. @flipnotrab The law said he was to serve a 3 year sentence. The _judge_ ordered his release after 11 months. So yeah, the judge should be held responsible.

  3. Democrats CANT WAIT to let this guy out of prison again. This is what they do. Smh the incompetence of these soft on crime “leaders” is unreal. Whoever is responsible for this animals being released should be held accountable for murder as well

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    2. This is the kind of information that we don’t get from most Youtubers I will get in touch with him right now

  4. I was still Towing with all this going on in memphis. Riding around with my AR pistol . 5.56 merica rounds. Praying I didn’t see him first.

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