Shopping in Jamaica with Minimum Wage | TVJ News - Dec 15 2021 1

Shopping in Jamaica with Minimum Wage | TVJ News – Dec 15 2021


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  1. Why are you reporting on single-use plastic bags that have been banned when the main focus of this report should have been minimum wage and only minimum wage

  2. 7 gran can’t buy one thing the governments na carry that go shopping but the poor just gets poorer🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is the most unrealistic method of spending any minimum wage earner practise…. them nah go supermarket that a fi rich people… remember u need taxi/bus fare to reach these places so how that dont get factored in? most minimum wage earners have children vashan only bought what a single person living at home by themself would buy… come on tvj you need to make more sensible news reports

    1. And most of all how a minimum wage earner going to make it out at work for the balance of the week after doing that spending remember lunch at work bus fear plus if u have a young baby.1 tin of baby serial is for 3000.

    2. Light bill ,water bill weh unuh say poor people fi pay no come in yet and rent … hencecu see why people squat, and thief light and water..

  4. U can’t spen off the whole 7000 because you have to think of lunch and busfare especially if u have to take 2 bus plus you kids need stuff weekly . minimum wage earners must stop vote,because if them truly put people first how come food and personal items is luxury?

  5. No tissue, no soap or toothpaste. No washing soap or dish soap. What about rent light water or internet ? Government needs to do better

  6. This report is OK cause it bring to light a issue. however your spending is flawed cause it exclude rent water electricity bills and remember most minimum wage earners have families to take care of children to send to school this is why Jamaica minimum wage is so low because rich people do the experiment and not check the poor people spending please do a proper research of how the average minimum wage earner spend there money (not someone from up town who is under 25 please ) ,

  7. The light water or rent not in it yet and if you have children it makes it worse
    One of the week if you feel sick I can’t go to the doctor 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😪😪😭 taxi fare for work
    Might as well you stay home and do little farming

  8. What the government can do is to provide a $7000 dollars basic allowance to all those who are earning under 40 thousands per month to help with basic food items.

  9. Based on this report you’d think all the minimum wage earners have to worry about is food. So they have free house, light, internet and water. Those prices mentioned are not even a true reflection of market prices.

  10. This pandemic 😷 is global lord hear our prayers.🎯💯👏🏿🙏🏿😭🇨🇦🇸🇱🇯🇲🇧🇧

  11. I can see why my people are killing each other for money 💰, smh that shopping list is not for a family of 6 or 4,so to speak because that will not last a week exactly if you have 4boys to feed and rent,water,light,internet service,bus or taxi services too,please put those in on your weekly bills not to mention gas for your stove and the list go on!!!!, Jamaica 🇯🇲 😤

  12. Thank you TVJ they just did this to say families are really struggling and a few years ago they requested families to have more children because birth rate was low now you can see why people don’t want children because those who have cannot support them. Black in our flag represent the Hardship our nation goes through. May our God whom we trust in deliver our Nation as we continue to look to him and for a small island they are a lot of educated persons in this country all they need is just a chance.

  13. Market and shopping over all in the west side of Jamaica is way more expensive, more like triple the price comparing to kingston.

  14. $7000 is just for food for 1 person for the week! Housing, utilities, transportation, entertainment, toiletries, savings, car maintenance and insurance? Sad.

  15. The farmers,can do better than that when selling to the venders ,they must remember that God bless them to grow food my family use to do farming we usually have to sell and give away in the community.God help us .

  16. They should have showed the items purchased at the end of the video so we could see how many people can eat what was bought and for how long. 2 lbs of cornmeal and flour can’t last for the week.

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