Should All School Girls Wear Skirt to Their Ankles? TVJ All Angles – Sept 28 2022

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  1. In Japan and South Korea they wear short mini skirt to school and it don’t seem to be issue in society. They have much lower crime rate

    1. No you don’t understand their culture. Legs aren’t seen as sexual. However shoulders back and arms are seen as sexual in those cultures. So it’s very rare to see their women expose those regions as hey will be sexualized. Plus harassment is so high in those countries they have women only trains. So I think you have misunderstood the culture

    2. @416 yaadie definitely agree. I live in Canada and public schools here don’t wear uniforms. And that doesn’t affect the kids grades.

    3. @Chemire M. I may have but I’m sure I didn’t, couple years ago Vice news did a mini documentary called “school girl for sale in Japan”. You should watch it. Japan actually has a tolerance for exploitation of young girls. Even my male friends have commented to me that Japanese P*rn has a lot of scenes depicting adults as school girls. In Japan there’s even cafes where older men can chat to school girls. And lastly in Japan there’s a fashion culture called Kogal “ that involves girls wearing outfits based on Japanese school uniforms but with very short skirts”. I’ve nothing against their culture but we have to point out the dark side of a nation’s culture as well.

    4. @Shereece S. I didn’t follow or get your initial comment.
      I now have a clear view of your point, and such a great point as both guest’s.

  2. Short tight uniform will make a woman look more attractive, and gain more attention it doesn’t mean men going to sexual assault a females, because of the way she dresses. I also think dress code is important in schools.

  3. Pleasant morning everyone.
    I don’t think wearing long or short skirts are no way different for these predators , if they cover from head to toe and they want to touch or fondle female students they will do it just the same. Parents and students should abide by school rules but sometimes the rules of long skirts and big pants they take it too far. Way too far 2 -3 inches below the knee should be acceptable.
    If there’s a problem with the length of skirts let the girls wear pants and see how it goes . God himself knows that some of the extra long and big clothes doesn’t fit or look good on the children. The more comfortable the children are the better they learn . When they think the uniforms doesn’t fits and look gorgeous on them they sit a t think about it . They gave feelings too . I think whenever plans are making by the school broad they should include parents and get advice too . That’s my opinion.

  4. If the female teachers are wearing shorts skirts and not setting any example how can they determine what the students shouldn’t or should wear . It’s hard tho .

    1. I agree to an extent. An adult woman is different and should have the freedom per her age to dress as she wishes but I do agree teachers are an example so there should be codes around teachers clothes.

  5. Did she just say rapists are not attracted to the women they rape? There is no one reason for rape, perverted attraction is certainly one of them.

  6. This is why Jamaica is such a r3pe culture. Can you imagine if girls wear clothes that effect predators. So sad ja will not get better. Never!

  7. This is really sad. Jamaicans only follow rules when it suites them. We they go to embassy to beg visa, everybody comply. When these parents are to follow simple school rules, the whole nation turn upside down. Parents are the problem! A lot of these parents like with their children like roommates, not structure or standard. Parents need to remember that when they have children, they are replicating themselves, so if the parents don’t respect the rules and encourage the children, there going to be a problem. Too often these parents create monsters in their homes and bawl that church a society is not helping; and when rules are set they are the same one that have the problem! Some of these parents need to travel in these same buses, or hide and stand at the bus stop and watch what they have created. SMH

  8. Afternoon what about students that have been at the school before they change the dress code parents should go n buy uniforms again they dont think about single parent , long dress dont stop anything the longer the uniform the wider it gets more easier to hold up

  9. The current mandates regarding dimensions of school uniforms, in my opinion, are excessively exaggerated. The staff of many schools I have observed are so overwhelmed with the checks and balances at the school gate and during devotion that they are super tired when it is time for class. I believe this negatively affects the performance of teacher in demonstration of their teaching prowess and methodology. The lack of energy / drive to teach is another concern. This negatively affects the children’s reception of the delivery of content.
    We need to create a national standard for uniform so that school management can focus on the business of education.

    If you do not believe the points raised, ask the leaders of these schools to share the grade point average per class, per grade, per semester and per year. Let us also assess the overall CSEC average for the schools that have such high focus on uniform dimensions. You will then notice the drastic difference between the sheep and the goats…within our educational system. Selah

  10. Skirts to the ankles will not make these young women learn anymore or any less. It’s ridiculous dressing them like old women. Across the board people’s mindset needs adjustment.

  11. I believe that parents should make sure that their children are dressed appropriately for school in the first place, if they go school in short skirts, that means they left home like that, likewise the boys wearing their trousers across their backside and not around their waist…teachers and parents must work together on this.

  12. My thoughts on school uniforms for girls it should be a little below the knees. For boys there pants must not be tight or wearing their pants under there but. We Jamaican must make sure we support our school and teachers

  13. There needs to be an overall set of rules that all schools should be held accountable by law. So parents will able to hold them accountable by law if needs be.

  14. Please tell me how this will stop them from being harassed! This isn’t about clothes this is about the men touching the girls. You think long clothes is going to get in the men way? Y’all are seriously mistaken. Focus on the problem, not educating boys on consent, not protecting girls from men. I’m so sick of y’all policing girls when boys/men are the issue.

  15. “When the uniforms are short, the predators tend to touch the students.” So, female students must wear ankle-length skirts so men will feel less inclined to sexually assault them. OK. Is he saying that “long skirted” girls don’t get touched? Do we have statistics that the students from schools already wearing ankle-length skirts are less likely to be assaulted than the students from schools that don’t stipulate this? If the skirts shown in this video are an attraction then more inches won’t act as a deterrent. I’m 36 and this conversation was happening when I was in high school (I graduated 5th form 20 years ago!). There are many schools with ankle-length skirts that enforce their dress code and this doesn’t stop the perverts.

    Rape culture, lack of responsibility and accountability, victim blaming, female shaming, educated fools in high places…all packed into one video, and it’s not even a record because the comments are worse. This is the game plan? For the comments about modesty, calling for laws on school dress codes, bashing female teachers, and justifying holding girls responsible for men’s criminal behaviour because men are visual beings, etc., are we going to start dictating that they remain in ankle-length clothing outside of school hours…or are we only concerned with them getting assaulted in uniform?

    And why stop at ankle-length skirts in school? Let’s implement the hijab for pre-K to Kinder, the niqab for primary school, and the burka for high school then enforce them Iran style! But wait! Don’t stop there…university students get assaulted too, and working women, and retired grandmas (even the bedridden ones)…so what clothing-related laws or guidelines should we implement to protect them? Y’all smoking something and it ain’t leaf-based because you’d be talking with more sense if you were. SMH!

  16. Based on the last two comments, am I to assume that (1) students only go to school to model? (2) wearing uniform that are not 4-5 inches from the ankle is not modest? Something is not making sense here…but then I rest my case.

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