'Should any single family have this much power?': Stelter calls out the Murdochs 1

‘Should any single family have this much power?’: Stelter calls out the Murdochs


CNN's Brian Stelter ponders about the future of Fox News and the Murdoch family as its patriarch, Rupert Murdoch, approaches 90 years old.

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    1. @A. Brown I’ve stated multiple times that Reagan signed into law a bill that allows medical treatment for undocumenteds; anyone.
      A child born here is a u.s. citizen regardless of parent status and entitled to all the freedoms and protections associated . Technically, anyone on this soil is afforded it, but that’s not convenient for a lot of people so rights are bent to make people happy. On that same line of thought, I have friends in ICE. They do not care about a baby’s citizenship. They (ICE) take everyone and ship them back. The anchor baby is a laughable myth to them. They won’t admit it, but they’ll remove someone with legal documents in cases.
      This country is going to have to address the reason people are leaving their own country, if you ever want to stop the migration here.

    2. @No Nope I have never said all migrants come in at the border on land, only a moron would think that! Migrants do and can come by water, just ask the Europeans.

    3. @No Nope Yep if born here they are entitled and that is why they come! It has nothing to do with what we did or didn’t do in their country, they come for welfare, education and our life. That is why we need to enforce our laws and make much stiffer criteria for things like asylum.

    4. @No Nope And most of those claiming asylum are economic migrants, pretending to be asylum seekers so they get in. Generalized violence and poverty are not legitimate reasons for asylum. Just because someone claims to be an asylum seeker does not mean they are, in fact most will not make it. Most of the 11 million already here have never claimed asylum either. And those that lie on Federal papers about asylum when they are not true asylum seekers are committing a felony. Again, we do not need to be flooded with poor, uneducated people just because they want a better life!!!! These people coming in are not H1-B visa material!

  1. I believe that if you call yourself “news” or have “news” in your name then you should be required by law to only report news.

    1. @Free Speek As once quoted by a member of the Trump administration, “Truth is like poetry. And most people f*n hate poetry!”
      Many (not all) of the MAGA set display a refusal to grasp reality. COVID-19 is a hoax? Well, Trump both got it and had to be hospitalized for treatment of it, and then he & Melania got the vaccine on the sly but didn’t publicize that. MAGAs must feel really confused.

    2. @Chico Dalianis Who ownes the Media and instructs it? In some cases the same people who own millitary Corporations and banks.

    3. NY Daily News-March 19, 2021 | 12:45pm: “Well, he [Cuomo]clearly jeopardize lives in his nursing home decision,” NYC Mayor de Blasio said.

      Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo, of risking New Yorkers’ lives to boost his popularity — and called him “a central part” in the state’s history of corruption.

      During his weekly interview on WNYC radio, de Blasio agreed when asked if he believed Cuomo would play “fast and loose with people’s lives” to improve his image.

      “Well, he clearly jeopardize lives in his nursing home decision,” de Blasio said.
      “Decisions were made that were dangerous to people’s health and well-being. Thousands of people were lost and the governor of the state had the audacity to cover up the information.”

      The Mayor added: “So, is he capable of making decisions that are that crass and that political and about his personal needs? 110 percent.”

      De Blasio also agreed when asked by host Brian Lehrer if he thought Cuomo’s actions came despite “knowing that it could be fatal for some people, because he was getting donations?”

  2. after 49 years of having a murdoch owned paper delivered if finally cancelled.Enough is enough.it was always right wing but lately it has become toxic.EVIL

    1. @Taiwan CN Maybe he was brainwashed by Cnn, or Big Tech. In fact most media in the U.S. is left leaning as are colleges, so are you saying they are brainwashing?

    1. @eric tyson the deep state /s

      Fox being “too powerful” isn’t entirely wrong though. For 20 years they’ve totally squashed CNN’s ratings* It was only this year because of Trump telling his folks to boycott Fox for more radical channels that for the first time ever they were behind CNN and MSNBC.

      *though it can be argued that they only won because they had the conservatives to themselves while CNN had to share the liberal market with MSNBC

    2. Calvin Parish I’m pretty sure Fox News is doing worse rating wise.
      Not that you’ll prove me wrong of course.

  3. Murdoch practically owns and runs the majority of Australia’s media and has the Prime Minister and his party in his pocket.
    Two former Prime Ministers whose careers were destroyed by Murdoch are calling for a Royal Commission into his activities.

    1. @thomas grabkowski do you actually know anything about Australian politics ? Both were sitting Prime Ministers, removed by the party when they were pressured by Murdoch, not the people. It wasn’t a matter of losing an election.

    1. Fox News didn’t report:
      ~Russian collusion (for 2 years)
      ~”Mueller Time!”
      ~”The walls are closing on Trump”
      ~Jussie Smollet
      ~Covington Boys intimidation
      ~Impeachment sham
      ~Lev Parnas
      I could go on and on. The fake news of CNN/MSNBC has become comical.

  4. News isn’t supposed to be a tool for wealthy *activists* to indoctrinate the masses. If you sell yourself as “the loyal opposition” you’re not a news organization. Period.


    1. @Icon X
      Who the fckin right I want violated?
      I don’t want anyone who’s legally living in America rights violated, even those who I vehemently disagree with.
      I certainly won’t have those who I disagree with censored either.

    2. @EPA 234 your party is in crisis cause it cant control its bigotry and hatred for people that dont agree. The fairness doctrine was created to have real news lead the way so psychos like the former president couldn’t spoon feed inaccurate info to unsuspecting people. Really wtf argues against minimum wage while they get all of their medical bills and salaries paid for by the people? Your party is trying to restrict voting rights based on a lie that was fed to them by certain media outlets that are opinions dressed up like news. Bro you dont have a leg to stand on

    3. @Icon X
      I am a conservative leaning libertarian who has voted Dem 4 times Rep 3 times in last 7 elections(twice for B Clinton, once for Kerry, once for Obama)
      So Stop with your party his party nonsense like somethin partisan hack.
      I am against things that I think ain’t right.

      The fairness doctrine was a big govt control move that was becoming all so common during FDR & Truman era.
      If govt cared so much about Inaccuracies in news why didn’t they apply similar laws on print media? You think they never spread misinformation? Remember the mighty NYTimes promoting Iraq War propaganda given to em by govts & agencies.

      Anyone with common sense would argue directly raising min wage to 15$ can Potentially cost millions of job loss mainly employed by small & local businesses who run on small Profits & employs majority of America. Let alone do that during a recession time. It should be raised yrly half a dollar to get small businesses adjusted.

      Voting should be accessible to people, but asking basic requirements like Voting ID cards or more info in case of mail in voting isn’t voting suppression, freaking India can do it with 1.4 billion people, so no excuse here. Anything more than that i don’t agree.
      If by bigotry & hatred you mean racism based on race or religion, sure repubs have regressed recently on that front. Yet they somehow made improvement in terms of minority votes even freaking trump did.
      But if by bigotry & hatred you mean being strict on illegal immigration, deporting illegals, not agreeing with letting biological men identifying themselves as trans women into women’s bathroom or compete in girls sport etc, then these are freaking common sense issues not some partisan issues.

  5. A living example of the adage, that: “only the good die young”…in other words… “we’re monetising your democracy “

    1. While cnn is always the one trying to attack fox advertisers..
      You sheep couldn’t be more ignorant.

    2. @Chris Oakley Any sane person, and/or institutions have to be anti-Republican in the US. The Republicans are what is wrong with the US. The right-wing section of the Democrats should be the new “right” for the US to be where Europe is, in terms of healthcare, education and workers’ rights.

    3. @Herman Tsoenyane I respectively disagree. I feel that many of our country’s problems are a direct result of the democrats and their policies.

  6. James Murdoch resigned from the Board saying Murdoch media outlets spread misinformation and fake news.

    1. most media outlets do…it’s called TRYING TO GET RATINGS AND VOTES…..lol……wake up….what are you 15?

  7. When I was in high school in the 80s I remember learning about the laws limiting ownership in media corps to prevent anyone having too much influence on the news and public opinion. My understanding is these laws have been whittled down over the years. It seems the negative impact is obvious and we need to renew strict limits to media ownership. Why aren’t more people talking about this?

    1. Lol anyone who thinks anyone has a monopoly on reporting the news doesn’t know how a monopoly works shoot these days anyone can report the ‘news’.

    2. @Q the omnipotent so which of those other countries built the GPS system.. How about their space program. Who is the biggest content creator for the internet you are watching right now. Which country has the most millionaires and billionaires.
      You sound like the type who believes what they are told and never thinks for themselves.

    3. @Calvin Parish

      What’s your point? Really? Just meaningless words in an attempt to insult someone?
      JayZ is s billionaire. Beyonce is a billionaire. Eminem has 300 million. Francis Bean Cobain has 450 million and has done nothing.
      It doesn’t take Education to dribble a basketball or tackle a human being.
      Elon Musk is no where near the smartest person in any of his companies. Jeff Bezos? Haha, no.
      A capitalistic country should have more rich people, but it doesn’t take a genius to get rich in America.

    4. @[Hashknight Gaming] Fisher and Sinclair Broadcasting are national news stations that have been gobbling up “local” news channels for decades. The don’t reflect the views of the residents where they operate but rather use their now massive reach to disseminate their own agenda. This wouldn’t have been allowed unless the laws limiting vast media ownership had been cut down.

      If you think we’re free of media monopolies you’re naive.

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    1. Why is this guy or bald girl or something still on tv no one watches you we wait for mark dice to immatate you better then you do what a putz Brian is

    2. @Nia Howard maybe only when he sees this drivel from B.S.on YouTube. It’s the only time I’ve ever seen him.

  9. did she just say “Ive been watching fox news for the last few months?” Professional then? Call me lol.ive been watching both sides for15 yrs. I’m UK

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