Should Britain have a referendum on its Brexit deal?

Should Britain have a referendum on its Brexit deal? 1


Two former Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and John Major, are calling for a referendum on Britain's Brexit deal to give people a say on access to the single market. Sir Bill Cash MP and Geraint Davies MP discuss whether there should be another referendum.

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25 Comments on "Should Britain have a referendum on its Brexit deal?"

  1. it’s over now let’s move on

    • Over? It hasn’t even happened yet, not until article 50 is triggered and
      then up to two years after until we really know what we voted for.

    • Personally prefer the 72ECA skip Art.50 altogether and just leave and go on
      WTO rules.

  2. If I was Tony Blair I would not be drawing any attention to myself
    otherwise people might start accusing him of war crimes. As for John Major,
    did anyone ever listen to a word he said. These two people stand for the
    elite and the establishment and not the normal people of the UK.

  3. We as a Country were sold Brexit, but we still don’t know what we
    bought. Now we have found out the Brexit politicians are dishonest and are
    still lying, I for one want my money back. Give the Country another vote.

    • +Alfred Barrow What worries me is the debt the government is getting into
      then they say the Tories are fiscally restrained. The cost of Brexit will
      push it up more and they will have to raise taxes significantly to reduce
      it. The country is in a real mess and many people seem to be ignorant of
      the fact, Immigration will go down if their is a post Brexit recession and
      I think there is probably a 50-60% chance of this. Cameron is laughing all
      the way to the bank both him and Blair probably earn several hundred
      thousand for giving speech’s they are out of touch with the average person
      as are many of them in Westminster.

      we are up against people

  4. Can’t hurt really
    Option 1- stay in EEA but leave EU
    Option- Leave everything

    Let the British people decide what happens to them.

  5. no.

  6. The people have already voted because they want the Muslim invasion to END!
    They need to stop the Muslim invasion!!!

    • +Erin Sullivan The Muslims that I know are very nice people they are highly
      educated and open minded. I guess it depends upon which country they or
      their parents/grand parents came from. Muslims from some countries are very
      conservative and are more likely to support terrorist organizations.

    • +mc 74 Two True the EU rules have made it harder for immigrants from
      outside the EU to enter the UK. It is likely that if the government can
      control immigration from the EU it will probably make it easier for
      employers in the UK to recruit people from countries outside the EU. I
      expect to see more Muslim doctors and nurses working in the NHS.

  7. If the remain side had won we’d be hearing a lot of there can only be one
    referendum.. no turning back now.whats done is done.

    • Hi Carry barry, When this Country voted to join the EU, it did not stop a
      minority of people complaining about it, its called free speech. The
      latest opinion poles show the majority in this Country now want to remain
      in the EU. They feel they have been conned. If Brexit is so popular, why
      are Brexiteers objecting to a vote, when we know all the facts.

  8. That would be great for the negotiation… If the EU give us a rotten deal
    we’ll vote to stay in the EU. It’s brilliant isn’t it.

  9. NO..

  10. lisadiane10001 | December 1, 2016 at 1:53 PM | Reply

    How does Bill Cash know the plan is to repeal the 1972 bill? I think
    that would be the best idea but does he have special knowledge about that?
    He just said it in this interview.

  11. If all the other arguments fail, let’s blame the Germans.

  12. We had one, now suck it up.

  13. Liar Blair should be in Jail for the 500000 people that were killed in Iraq
    as a result of his “sexing up” If that’s not a crime against humanity what

  14. Kerry king Hanneman. | December 1, 2016 at 4:03 PM | Reply

    Tony Bliar, …tony where’s the weapons of mass destruction?

  15. maneye Richards | December 1, 2016 at 5:24 PM | Reply


  16. Don’t forget that Italy has also a referendum ahead. We will see…

  17. We voted in or out, we didn’t vote for deal or no deal.. We want out !!!!

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