Should Canada skip the upcoming Olympic Games in China?


  1. Sport and potitics should not collide, but this is not about politics. It is about Genocide and Human rights as per United Nations Convention signed in 1948.

  2. No One! Should be leaving or coming into this country! We need to protect our selves from COVID! Also we should be joining with Australia as they now have a citizen held in captivity like we have and together with the USA and the rest of the other free nations stand together and pull a Trump type move on all their products to cost them.

  3. Its not a government decision its an COC decision?
    So the COC won’t mind then if all government funding is stopped immediately?
    Can’t have it both ways.

  4. Might as well, all the Olympics are now is a platform for politics, virtue signalling and just costs taxpayers tons of money, I mean just listen to this video.

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