Should Jamaican Teachers Be Vaccinated? TVJ Smile Jamaica 1

Should Jamaican Teachers Be Vaccinated? TVJ Smile Jamaica

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  1. All these so call journalists are all sell out, people have choices to whatever they want with their body its that simple

    1. Exactly !!! GONE ARE THE DAYS WHEN JOURNALISTS HAVE A MIND OF THEIR OWN…. These nowadays are just running with the narrative … anything politicians say they run with it! No questions asked!

  2. nuff big up to this guy… these journalists are trying to put the guy into a corner…but he is a well educated individual and handles himself exceptionally… even tho he took it…it was a personal decision for him that he chooses not to impose on others… that is the definition of respect…ppl like this are rare… both journalists should be ashamed…no balance in their approach…they seem to have sided with govts across the world…media has fallen to disgraceful low levels these days

    1. And it is so sad. Cause we use to look up to these people. They are just going with the times I guess.

    2. Seems these journalists need to take a break from talking and researcg the many reports in and outside of Jamaica with the many side effects: minor to major – organ failure, even deaths. Afterwards, come again and place judgement on those who choose to weigh the pros and cons and decide against it. Please show some respect and tolerance for those critical thinkers among us. Not everyone will be a sheep following the political agendas.

  3. No one knows the long term effects of the vaccine at this point and the majority of persons who get COVID survive, vaccinated or unvaccinated. The media is so biased now it’s sickening.

  4. “Is the child vaccinated “?
    “Will all the children be vaccinated”?
    That’s what the teacher should ask them because they are behaving like teachers will be infecting the children

    1. Because all children are immune from diseases… That’s what would be in some parents minds because they’re probably unsympathetic.

  5. Instead of pressuring teachers to be vaccinated how about giving teachers the well overdue salary increase. The cost for basic nesecities such as food increase on a daily basis and yet salary freeze with a measly offer of 2.5% increase. Come on 2.5% GOJ needs to get real. Growing up I always hear the saying encouragement sweeten labour. Do something for the teachers rather than forcing then to take vaccine it should be a personal decision.

  6. Amazing how parents and students have a choice and are exempted but not the teachers. Just like how many parents (who refused to take advantage of the system and online resources) never really had to learn to use the platform (they just “couldn’t bother”) and teachers had to be knowledgeable about everything to satisfy them. Yeah certain people have a right so government isn’t on their case and others don’t…

  7. If you put measures in place that will force teachers to take vaccine there is gonna be a massive fall out in the sector because I can assure you MOST teachers won’t be taking it. If you gonna force teachers why don’t you target public passenger vehicle operators as well ?

  8. The code of regulations is the set of rules for teachers.Vaccines have been taken for years by many people.This so-called vaccine does not fit the definition of what a vaccine is and should do.

  9. So…. are they gonna act like the glorified, incentified vaccinated teacher will be teaching individual students in a nice clean environment all day everyday?. I would be more concerned about the other 25-40 students in class, at lunch time, the bus park, public transportation etc

  10. The principal is giving freedom of speech per say. He should mention what safety measures ie: bathroom facilities in place with soap and toilet paper, temp check at the entry of school and hand sanitizer that’s a first approach to the madness without taking offense to anyone.

  11. Getting vaccinated with this vaccine is a personal thing because it will give some amount of protection to a vaccinated person but vaccinated person can still get infected and give others the virus. This vaccine is not like the ones our children take—the ones our children take will prevent them from getting it and they are less likely to pass on theses diseases unless they were definitely touching a sick person then touch others without washing up.

  12. Good job Linvern,,, Anyway u look at this it is a risk ur taking!
    Caz u may very well take the jab and the side effects severely hurt or even cost u your life also on the flip side not taking the vax may leave u unprotected against the disease which could potentially cost u ur life!
    So this talk of rewarding persons and preferential treatment for the vaccinated is unnecessary IMO

  13. Give people an option those who wants to get it let them those who don’t want it leave them alone

  14. Stick to your grounds Mr Principal, your teachers will respect you. The two a dem did a try sneeze on you, but you nah catch them cold.

  15. Actually I am having a headache in figuring, out if all those PARLIAMENTARIANS have already taken their vaccines?????.

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