Should Phones be Banned in Prisons? | TVJ Midday News - Dec 20 2021 1

Should Phones be Banned in Prisons? | TVJ Midday News – Dec 20 2021


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  1. Yes they should be banned.
    It’s ok to give them monitored call time but absolutely no individual should have a problem in confinement

    1. Phone will only band in prison for the poor people that will be in prison but it is going to be okay for the money people

  2. Yes a long time ago phone should be banned PM holness should hurry up and put this law into effect immediately

  3. What are they doing with phones in the first place for it to be banned???? Is the government crazy in their thinking?

    1. You are obviously unaware of the realities around the world in the penal institutions. Ignorance is truly blazing ……. Or is it that some people are under the rock ???

  4. Cell phone should be banned from prison in Jamaica because the law is there is evidently not working…the phone give some prisoners too much power.

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  6. Ban cellphones and introduce monitored conversation recording landline phones with 15 minutes conversation per inmate call. Law enforcement can get a judge approved warrant to obtain the recording(s) if there is suspicion of criminal activities being plotted from behind bars…

    1. What I understood from the lawyer Peter champagne is that the law is there then why not use it every day we talked about the Corona virus and there is the murderous virus that is there to control there are way to control this virus # 1 banned all personal phone in prison #2 circle the sea by air and water 24 seven #3 tighten security at the wharves at the airport port where goods are coming in the country if I was the prime minister that I would do so the guns could not get to be distributed in our island and I rest my case

  7. 🤨 of course, it shouldn’t even get the time of day to be there in the first place, it’s already too bad that they’re allowed all because of the liki liki wardens who continue to give them access to still call the murdering of people out on the freedom street. If they want to communicate with the streets have phones on premises that they have access to but clearly monitor by the authorities. Like it was back at up park camp in the 80s state of emergency.

    1. Let me assist . The call is for TOUGHER legislation to be implemented for those caught with cell phones in prison. Ok !

  8. Prison is a penal facility, not a holiday camp. There should be a wall mounted land line which they line up to use once weekly.

  9. YES, personal phones MUST be banned! Some criminals are using personal phones to order the permanent removal of witnesses and people they want to disappear. Phones should be centralized with the ability to record conversations.

    1. I think the calls should be monitored if inmates are allowed to have cell phones. How are the inmates getting cell phones if the sam corrupt correctional officers are not the ones bringing the contraband. The system is just corrupt. Not just in Jamaica all over.

  10. No guards should be allowed to bring in there cell while working..wen they get a break..they can go out the prison n make phones calls..n let say this..speaking from experience..Jamaica need to train these guards if there going to introduce a phone box for inmates..even though all calls will be monitored..u must know that they will code up there Convo for criminal activity in American prison systems..

  11. I was shocked to hear inmates aren’t criminally charged when caught with one. Wait….not shocked, just affirmed.

  12. i can’t beleive people say , ” what can a cell phone do”….we need to protect the prison employees and the other inmates …they are dangerous period!!!!!!

  13. Send those prisoners to the US so that they can know what prison is like. Absolutely no cellphones in prison. The government should also have standard prison attire for inmates. Jamaica’s prison system is more like ClubFed!

  14. Didn’t even know phones where allowed in prison. Jamaican justice system is a big joke.Thought phone was a luxury and a privilege. KMT

  15. Didn’t even know phones where allowed in prison. Thought phone was a luxury and a privilege. Jamaican justice system is a big joke. KMT

  16. These lawyers never reveal their strategy when defending their criminal clients but as legislators open their mouth these lawyers want to silence them.

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