Should the Weekend Lockdown Continue in Jamaica? – April 11 2021

Should the Weekend Lockdown Continue in Jamaica? - April 11 2021 1


  1. Not a longterm solution for all. Many persons still need to make a living to feed families and pay their bills. So no it should not continue find other ways to manage the crowds

    1. Lockdowns don’t work. Govt love to tout the W.H.O. but don’t follow their advice which says NO LOCKDOWNS!

  2. Doctor yuh need fi guh weh from yah…you a get your one bag a money fi pay…a nuff people caah find money cause unno a lock down the place a weekend time kmt

    1. So true…poor people have to hustle o. Weekend….doctor a get a lot of…money so him can stay on talk…kmt

  3. Only people who the lock down don’t affect wants it to continue think about other people right now the party them start keep in a week so lockdown not effective the only thing it do is over crowd the supermarket

  4. The question should be ” Is it effective” ??? If so yes, if not No.
    Strategies should be about results and not how ” we feel”

  5. Most vulnerable to COVID is the old, set hours (8am-10:30AM) that people 55+ can shop, and ONLY them. Let everyone else move normal. The man was right address the core problem, cannot put a blanket over all issues.

  6. While it does cause some issues over the weekend. I believe that the government should continue, the issue that too many of us Jamaicans refuse to abide by the rules. Worst it’s the same persons who’ll complain when the covid numbers spike and blame the government for not doing enough. It’s the same issue with our crime we know the criminals and thieves but refuse to do anything about it.

    1. @Andrew Parris we have so much power that we don’t even realize. Some of us complain about the issues but don’t take any actions or expect some else to take on the responsibility. It starts with each and every one of us refusing to allow certain things to damage our island any more

    1. @sherene Edwards so right.. My friend runs a car-wash he basically deciding whether to eat dinner or bfast every single day

  7. Andrew manning aren’t you the same guy who said people shouldn’t wear mask, I still have that video

  8. If you are serious, the only way is to close the ports to casual travel and that’s not even on the table, so it’s all a waste of time in my book (Lockdown). People social distance where possible, sanitize and wear your mask in crowds. Doing these things may save your life and a love one.

    1. Pls explain how masks, sanitizer saves lives? Sanitizer is a poisonous bunch of chemicals that goes straight to your liver & masks don’t Work they even say on the box “does not protect from covid” The holes are 30x larger than the size of virus! It’s A FLU & ppl die every yr from flu. My rights don’t end where your fear begins!

  9. Lockdowns were useless, the days after the curfews ended, the towns were a mess, overcrowding everywhere. These measures should have been taken when the fear of catching Covid was still a thing, nobody cares anymore since Jps, NWC are not putting a pause on their bills.

  10. The weekend lockdown make no sense. People that don’t have a lot of money, have to go out and see their food do you think by 12 they can stop then put things together get a bus and reach home by12. The poor people don’t have money like the politicians that can buy in bulk. Cut out 12 and say 4.o 🍳

  11. When it comes to indisciplined Jamaicans, the resources for proper enforcement just aren’t there.

  12. Dwl him think the weekend lockdown is why the number go down can’t believe them think them ago see if it works so soon. Them stop testing people and thinking about vaccine that’s why the number are going down smh

  13. No it should not continue because its not only on weekends people come out in vast amount, if people don’t come out on the weekends you will see them on Mondays because people still want food to eat and it’s the poor people that are being affected.

  14. Feelings are irrelevant when mitigation measures to keep us safe and healthy in the long run are being implemented. Wise up, use common sense, wear your masks, practice sanitary measures & physically distance yourselves. Otherwise, those who can’t hear will feel. And most importantly, having foreign mind & local body will make things worse. Jamaica don’t have money like that. 😒

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