‘Sick And Tired Of Being A Political Football:’ John Brennan On Intel Communities | All In | MSNBC

Former CIA director John Brennan spoke to Chris Hayes about the "great pain" of the nation and about the current polarization. Aired on 12/17/19.
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‘Sick And Tired Of Being A Political Football:’ John Brennan On Intel Communities | All In | MSNBC


  1. Sick And Tired Of Being A Political Football In Washington. We need to….’ Never gonna happen. We ‘need to do’ a lot of things. Add it to the list.

  2. Look I get our security agencies have done some bad and at times corrupt things over the years, but you would have to be a dimwitted, partisan hack to defend and enable all the bad, corrupt things a known liar does EVERY single day.

    1. Well, I will say…Trump support is going up. And a recent poll, now shows him beating all the democrat candidates, when previously that never had happened* https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/?ex_cid=rrpromo
      *edit: on examination of this poll…it appears to be an outlier favoring the conservative side, rather than a more balanced sampling. (see below) As with a more recent poll, showing him (again) losing to those same candidate.



      (Suffolk is rated “A-“…so this is a perfect example of an outlier poll. Thats why one poll is NOT a trend line. But, Trump support going up – is still valid.)

      Very liberal ——————————————————— 64 6.40 
      Liberal ————————————————————– 162 16.20 
      Moderate ———————————————————- 357 35.70 
      Conservative —————————————————– 267 26.70 
      Very conservative ———————————————– 116 11.60 
      Other —————————————————————— 8 0.80 
      Don’t know ——————————————————– 26 2.60

    1. Kimo Coloma BWHAAA!!! HA! HA! HA! Damnit, come-on! Just kidding, can’t take a joke? I will be gentle, promise buttercup. LMAO!!!

    1. @castello west. Hahahahahaha🤣🤣🤣. You seriously expect me to click on an unknown link? I suspect you are a MAGAt.

    1. @MIKAEL S1
      That the president is a liar and he is impeachable… as far as I can see, because if anyone has been lying so far, is DJT… and most of his administration…
      I don’t believe the former Director of the FBI Comney lied…

  3. Former CIA director calling for the overhaul of the executive and legislative branch. But okay guys, yeah its definitely trump thats the problem.

    1. We can’t say the FBI and CIA do no wrong but what we can say is EVERYONE CAN’T BE WRONG and Trump who is a known pathological liar is right!

  4. What the f..k is it with these 30s to 180s soundbites around here now? There used to be full interviews with context! 😡

  5. People need to remember this for decades to come, the party claiming to stand for law and order, the party which constantly presents itself as being “patriots” and using the military and police as a human shield against any criticism, has spent the last three years attacking the rule of law, attacking the military, attacking national security and attacking the foundational bedrock of the United States. NEVER again let the Republicans claim to be about law and order, they are criminals and deserve to be kicked out of every position.

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