Side Effects of Vaccine | TVJ News - March 11 2021 1

Side Effects of Vaccine | TVJ News – March 11 2021


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    1. So true we all need to think before act did the government of Jamaica take it ? I don’t think so but wanna give us god show up for your people

  1. Yeah man what in the dark will come to light we All gonna see The effects of The vaccine and mask soon

    1. Any ideas what the side effects will be? There is so much scaremongering going on. The vaccine seems to be the better option going forward.

    2. @Jackie Sinclair Just like every other medicine, it can have side effects. It’s how your body reacts to the vaccine.

  2. If u take the vaccine u still can get the corona virus and you still of to wear a mask and you still of to keep social distance so Mr bro gad what is the real reason of taking this vaccine

    1. @Vilma Mcrae Read your Bible bout be informed…we are the temple of the Most High…would Christ yell you to take the vaccine…people have died and will continue to die from this vaccine…they gave us flu vaccine and people still catch flu

    1. The first people that should take their vaccines should be the owner and all those who support the plan with their money; and all the workers of all companies that made them ! And should be given to them by local doctors of all nations publicly.

    2. Even if they come and say they do or show needle going in their arm , there is no prove that its the same vaccine, its all deception .

    3. Did anyone expect the chief medical officer to say other wise, if anyone of them tell me to run I will surely crawl.. This vaccine is experimental, they want to use us as lab rats..The government has sold us out but I pray God will expose you all and bring judgment upon each and everyone of you and TV J ensure you are there to broadcast it, bunch if wick!!!!!

  3. The question that the doctor need to answer is what is the cause of the side effects from the vaccine? What is the vaccine doing to our bodies that causes these “mild” side effects. She does not know.

  4. I need an intelligent answer to my question. I am aware that every vaccine cause side effect, dodging my question does not give the answer.

    1. Not every vaccine for me, I can’t recall getting any side effects from the last two I took to complete my immunization card

  5. Side effects of vaccines may not be immediate, there is no evidence of what this experimental vaccine will do in the long term.

  6. Blood coverage over us the ppl of Jamaica…..God show up for your people bad vaccines jesus shift the atmosphere in the name of jesus christ of Daniel God we need help for the helpless

    1. Pray to who? jesus? weh uno jesus aka serapis deh from when and people been dying left n right.
      That’s another thing y’all need to wake up from. The same people giving you them shots is the same people that created your bi-bull and tell you bout jesus. Ya’ll sad.
      Go tek uno v shot so uno can go see jesus aka serapis.

  7. One of the side effects is death, and she said do not be alarmed. I wonder what those have died would have done differently ?

  8. Did the doctors or ministry took the vaccine. America sneeze J Jamaica catch cold.
    I hope the record is being kept for people who took the vaccine. Hope the ministry will contact this people as to when to get the 2nd dose.
    God be with you all.

  9. My grandma used to say…. a no same day leave go a water bottom it rotten…
    Keep your zombies vaccine

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