1. Stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and those who value family, freedom and Democracy not Dictators who invade sovereign nations.

    1. @Star Commander they’re(hilaritybribo) is so brainwashed and too far gone by ludicrous conspiracy theories. There’s no use even arguing with them 😅

    2. @jodie w exactly, these people are completely nuts and have no common sense or logic. It is scary how someone can be that ignorant and brainwashed.

  2. So proud of the Ukrainians. They’re really earning their independence. As the dawn rises, day after day, their flag still flies, and the world is watching.

    1. @Marsha Marsha Marsha
      You aren’t part of the decision making process, so your opinion is really irrelevant, mine too. But that’s why we elect leaders, to handle this very issue among others

    2. @Bradley Dibble Neither are you, Einie. It is not America’s place to keep meddling in other’s affairs. Vietnam along with the Mideast has been destroyed because of it. You fruitcake.

    3. @Louis Tully You mean the day a bunch of leftist plants acting like clowns put on a show at the capital under the direction of their commiecrat leaders?

  3. The strength, will, and fight in the Ukrainian people is admirable and something that is not seen anymore. May God be with them. Our hopes, hearts, and prayers are with them as well.

    1. Don’t you realize that you’re being set up to go to war on behalf of these admirable people? It’s all a show to get people to act on behalf of the global elite. The gullible shall be ruled by the wicked, so shall it be.

    2. @Dan Wright he’s a lot more sensitive than you think. He’s not used to people talking back to him. Everytime he reads a negative comment it gives him a black eye and gets his dander up.

  4. General Sherman said, “War is hell.” Nineteen year olds becoming disoriented is so sad. Putin should show what a man he is and fight his own war. The Ukraine people are showing strength, courage and real spirit to save THEIR country.

    1. That is what happens when you lack motivation as an aggressor combined with a hesitant leadership. There are always a number of conscripts like that, but it’s not a representation of the Russian forces as a whole. The Russian government need to be decisive in what it wants to achieve. However even progressing at a slower pace the Russians will eventually capture the entire country. They have the forces to do so.

    1. @Risalat Bigachova Neither does the Jewish leader of Ukraine, Zelenskyy…who had family killed in the Holocaust by the fcking nazis.

    2. Putin set up his Russian soldiers. Most of them didn’t know they were invading. They thought it was military exercises. Putin used them to try and get the Ukrainians to attack in defense and trigger an all out war. Many Russian soldiers seem unwilling to attack. This is why the battles are minimal and why the Russian invasion has been ineffective. This is why Putin has been using his pro Russian Donbass militias and Chechens.

  5. The Ukraine is holding its own they are freakin incredible the fight they are putting forth towards the Russians they are extremely incredible so proud of the Ukraine an everything they are doin to remain free an to keep the enemy from taking over their land truly amazing prayers to everyone over there civilians and military 🙏🏽

  6. The bravery, determination and resilience of the Ukranians is incredible and inspiring. Respect, friends!!!!!! Stay safe. WE stand with you.

    1. 我将永远支持俄罗斯!!Я всегда буду поддерживать россию🇷🇺🇨🇳!!!!I will always support Russia🇷🇺🇨🇳。https://youtube.com/shorts/vmG6kBIrnfQ?feature=share

    2. We do more than stand with you symbolically. We are also contributing to verified charities that are helping Ukrainian families who have fled the war zones while their menfolk continue to fight. Please everyone – no amount is too small. Together our little amounts of money for contributions can become millions upon millions. I would rather send what money I can afford to those verified charities (that are legit, not scam artists popping up online begging for money to help the Ukrainians) than spend it on Starbucks fancy coffees!

  7. Full support to Ukraine from Australia. I will be personally donating what I can spare. Stay strong. Fight hard. ❤🇺🇦

  8. Я горжусь своей страной, своей землёй и своими людьми, я горжусь что я украинец, и я знаю что мы никогда не будем в тоталитарном государстве! СЛАВА УКРАИНЕ!!! 🇺🇦❤️

    1. I am sorry you have to be in Your situation ! I feel for you and all your familly,stay strong , never give up as long as your breathing I would do the same thing! Cant stand for everyone in the U.S but I belive in your country and all that backs Ukraine. I dont want harm to anyone in this situation. Communication is key

  9. The international community should pour in everything the Ukrainians need. Much admiration! Slava Ukraini!

  10. Much respect to the Ukrainian people. We here in America are thinking of you so much. You’re bravery is an inspiration here and we are there in spirit.

    1. It is better for you to protest in the United States against the officials of your country who caused this war, the United States and NATO caused this war by expanding to Russia, the American officials are great criminals who always start wars in the world

    2. @Wild eyes russia is the one doing the war u can blame USA for other things but it doesnt even make any sense talking about them in this war the one to blame is russia stop with ur bs always blaming USA of everything.

  11. The fact that so many Ukrainian civilians are willing to take up arms and fight without even batting an eye, and die if necessary, is so inspiring that I’m brought to tears. True Patriotism at its finest. WE in the USA SUPPORT YOU

    1. @Justice Music The ban to forbid 18-60 year-old male citizens from leaving Ukraine is not a propaganda from Russia or China. It’s the actual law of Ukraine. Go ask the government there.

    2. @TRUTH SPEAKER The citizens didn’t make the rules, the previous regime did. You better check yourself. Right now we’re more worried about a communist sending the world a message that it’s ok to invade a country. We’ll worry about race relations after that.

    3. I wish I had the means to stand with them because I truely would …if I could go back in time I would had went to the military because I stand for what is right and I truely hope the United States helps

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