Sikh soldier honors his religion and country | Militarykind 1

Sikh soldier honors his religion and country | Militarykind


One of 1st Lt Kanwar Singh's greatest achievements is putting on his turban in uniform.

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When 1st Lt. Kanwar Singh joined the Massachusetts National Guard, he didn't know he would be fighting for his faith in order to fight for his country.

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    1. @eric maybe for you not for them, seems to be a problem in your mind only that you need to get over it

  1. Everyone deserves to serve their country if they choose too, religion should be respected and should not be factor.

    1. Not everyone deserves to serve their country even if they choose to.
      I’m not talking about religion or race

    1. There is no such thing as “strength through diversity“. Strength comes from force and ability, not from social justice nonsense

    2. @eric yes there’s strength in diversity, have you ever heard of “the sun never sets” once British military was the most diverse military in the world. In the 19th century, it became popular to apply the phrase to the British Empire. It was a time when British world maps showed the Empire in red and pink to highlight British imperial power spanning the globe. And a huge percentage of Sikhs were part of it

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  7. The US government is very accommodating when it comes to people dying for capitalism. It drafted blacks and Native Americans under penalty of the law in WWII even when they did not have full citizenship rights. How gender, religion, race or sexual orientation makes a difference to the corporations they are fighting for is not even relevant.

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