1. One silent lesson the Dalai Lama taught me is that peaceful resistance only works on people with conscience. Given enough regimented conditioning and conscience can be twisted.

    1. ​@Danny chong The problem is the excessive suffering. The Russians have to be punished, not because of the war but their stupidity managing the war. Although there is value on this conflict just as when the first tanks rolled through the trenches of WWI now tactical drones fly above the skies of Ukraine.

    2. @꧂Oddish꧂
      Buddha once said suffering exist everywhere in this world because of evildoing, not because human don’t do kindnesses.
      In other words, if human don’t do evil, sufferings will stop or why human never once forced to do kindness.

      That is also the reason, why someone were taught, only be kind to animal, never human even he cannot have religion, being the sain of demon.

      And prolonged period, he found out holy book have another two more son or how the 3 sons actually related.

      Son of God mean his father is a God, not him.
      Son of man come to tell human the truth but the truth also mean the truth about everything and who knows everything in holy book? Son of man is a God.
      Son of demon? This son have 3, including your Lord.

      Cos the Lord and Dajjal exist in the same body from day one, including the bodymaker.
      Anti Christ also mean anti religion since god and religion cannot be seperated or why Dajjal anti religion since he wrote book of life as a science book or everything were understandable, then why need religion?
      The same reason, why he not allowed to have religion nor enter a temple from the front cos your god want him to see, whet hidden behind each temple.

      Help human must till the end,
      Sent Buddha must till the west – Buddha

      This is the only proverb that Dajjal get from the temple inview of what he need to learn from Buddha about the meaning of kindness or if you help animal that washed away by current insense build a bridge for them, so their mishap won’t happen again from crossing the river, your wisdom gain one jump or how someone become extremely clever.

      Why dalai lama never taught you about the proverb?
      Buddha were just a human or proverb that he saw useless, already ended up in the dumpster.
      (But don’t forget to read the meaning of love in my video that exist due to a science theory in book of life)

  2. The Russian trolls get here fast and post their nonsense. I heard they get paid in potatoes 🤣

  3. What wrong with Putin simply because he has nuclear weapons this is uncalled for 👊🍿🇺🇸

  4. ‘Unlimited power in the hands of limited men (Vladimir Putin/Donald tRump), always leads to cruelty.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  5. 💀🌻💀14 Russian Generals Slain……….One a 3 Star General……….Rest In Pieces 💀🌻💀

  6. Societal collapse (also known as civilizational collapse) is the fall of a complex human society characterized by the loss of cultural identity and of socioeconomic complexity, the downfall of government, and the rise of violence

  7. due to the smaller number of troops and weapons compared to russia . Ukraine should focus on fighting to keep the cities that control the way to the sea . Because this is important matter for ukraine economy ( export, import ) in future ( instead of spreading troops everywhere , only fighting guerrilla in donbas )

  8. Having a resistance movement against Russia in the cities that they currently control could be key in regaining the cities that were taken. However, it might be best if Ukrainian forces reenforce the cities that are currently under attack, along with the western cities just in case the Russians launch an attack.

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      Cos this war indeed happen 8 years ago since me is a Malaysian or the same year, MH17 tragedy happen.

      Cos civil war started in Ukraine after the opposition dethroned the govt of Ukraine using riots or how the country splitted since the old govt have alot of supporters or how they won election.

      But the worst happen or how rebel borrowed a BUK from Russia since the new govt use airstrike on rebel area.
      BUK is a defensive weapon, you cannot shoot other if they not flying or how MH17 tragedy happen.
      Russia take back their BUK but Ukraine govt still use airstrike on rebel area or what known as Donbass today.

      Russia ignored this war for 8 years since both side were Ukraine people but one day, they cannot tolerate anymore since many seek their help cos airstrike were daily routine and backed by video.

      Russian say Ukraine were wrong using airstrike on resident area but they show Putin a middle finger.
      When right or wrong cannot stand as conclusion mean win or lose must be used to force out an outcome or how war happen.

      Russia win, Ukraine must stop using airstrike on resident area and accept Donbass independent.
      Inshort, what happen in Ukraine today till bombed like living hell cos Ukraine should not disturb a sleeping tiger or that indeed the consequences since everyone aware on military aspect, Ukraine no match compared to Russia.

      Inshort, if Russia have interest in Ukraine, this war should happen 8 years ago, not today.

      And why not, you convince everyone here, Russia attack Ukraine mean they were wrong?
      Cos Russian see themselves responsible on ensuring peace in countries that once made of soviet or why they sent army to Khadastan recently before invading Ukraine since Putin said they have an agreement.

      Malaysian should be considered as stranger in this conflict since they won’t bother at all, if MH17 tragedy did not happen. Someone went thru the whole thing cos he want to know the truth insense, who causes MH17 tragedy

      STRANGER SEE THE CLEAREST – Chinese proverb.
      (Other refer to the topic about meaning of love in my video since 8th Feeling is a science theory in book of life and don’t forget Alan Walker cos Dajjal did not come alone)

  10. Here’s for the plan to really liberate the Russian occupied cities and villages. Citizens will greet Ukrainian defenders with sunflowers. And that is no propaganda lie. Слава Україні! 🎗🇺🇦🎗🌻

  11. GLORY FOR UKRAINE for stoping barbaric russian army ! #stoprussia #standupforUkraine 💙💛
    eternal disgrace for russia

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