Similar announcements? Ford versus Wynne on minimum wage | WATCH

Doug Ford pledged to raise the minimum wage to $15 dollars, Kathleen Wynne promised the same in 2017. How do the announcements compare?

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    1. @Stewart D …perhaps you should read the thread? I know your lack of education prevents you from that, but at least try.

    2. @TourCaddie

      So you just chimed in to say that I should check out your bank account?
      you have to be single…

    3. @TourCaddie

      If you’re on minimum wage, and worried about the increase of fuel charges, That should be the least of your worries.
      Is that for the heating fuel for your house, or the gasoline for your car?

  1. I have a master’s and I make $57k but with current inflation it feels like peanuts…I feel like such a loser 🙁

    1. @Where’s Chavo “Living in the city has nothing to do with cost of living”.
      That’s what you said and I said rent is included in cost of living, if your rent is high that means your cost of living is higher than if your rent was less!!

    2. @Anti-Ahriman “Living in the city has nothing to do with cost of living” what i mean by this is. the reason for it being expensive is not because you live in a city.

      in other words ” my cost of living is expensive because i live in the city” is a economic fallacy and isnt truthful
      get it now?

    3. You’re educated and work which is way ahead of most Canadians who spend their days looking for more Government teat to suckle. Most of the idiots celebrating a minimum wage hike don’t understand basic economics.

    1. That sounds like the average INCOME TAX RETURN we use to get before Harper came in office. Now we all pay more taxes and usury fees on top of that.

  2. $15 an hour, now i can afford a 100 year old 800sq foot house in Toronto for 1.2 million. I’m on top of the world 🌎 🤪

    1. @Joe Struthers Back in the day you could off one income too. My grandfather worked at a factory while my grandma stayed at home. They bought a big house. Now you need 200k to buy the same property with two incomes.

    2. @Joe Struthers Nobody who is working in Canada can afford a home now, because the liberal government has made Canada the heaven of money laundry for investors from all around the world with dirty money and all this dirty money has been poured into the housing market.

  3. Ya let them live on that. They seem to be taking thousands in their salaries. Plus gaining through their businesses during the pandemic. Conflict of interest I would say.

  4. Just wait until inflation reaches the point where low income rises to the next tax bracket, then the government will be raking in the money. What do we do? Just follow the inflation curve?

  5. Can’t think of a better way to support workers? What about paid sick time you clown, especially during a pandemic

  6. Then take it back in taxes. Knock out even more small businesses, next on the restaurants they will, make them put up a wellness sticker in the window, stating they are a government approved healthy place to eat. For $2500 a sticker, just like in California

    1. You know public health rated resaurants and eateries with stickers donting their score long before Covid, right?

  7. “I can’t think of a better way for our government to be working for workers.” – The same guy that axed this same minimum wage three years ago

  8. Economically we were in a different place in 2017/2018 though. Times have changed, we can’t compare these two moves without considering the economic conditions of each period

    1. The point is that Ford cancelled Wynne’s increase when he got into office. He was more concerned with buck a beer. Now he’s thinking the next election and all of the sudden he’s claiming that he supports workers.

  9. it’s just a vicious circle… prices go up, minimum wage goes up, employers complain about increased wages and raise prices, minimum wage goes up… and it’s always the least fortunate that suffer.

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